Best FOV Setting For Black Ops Cold War On Consoles

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Best FOV Setting For Black Ops Cold War On Consoles

For the first time in the history of the series, the console version of Black Ops Cold War will feature an FOV slider, here’s the best setting to get the most out of the new feature

Having a Field of View slider is something that console players have been asking for for years. Fans have been asking after the release of each new iteration of the game when it will be coming to console, and Black Ops Cold War is the year fans will finally be getting what they've been wanting.

What is Field of View?

The most basic explanation of FOV is it adjusts how much you can see on your screen. A higher field of view allows you to see more, while a lower field of view means that you will see less. Some players prefer a higher field of view, allowing them to see the most information at once that is possible. However, this also comes with a distorted view, and objects will appear smaller on your screen.

Best FOV for Black Ops Cold War?

Generally, most players like to have their FOV at 100. This is a nice balance of a wider than normal FOV, allowing you to see more. But this isn't so high that your view looks distorted and enemies are hard to see. Our advice is to gradually bump up your FOV until you find a setting that suits you. The highest available is 120, this is not recommended as it will cause frame drops, however, anything between 90-110 seems to be the sweet spot for Black Ops Cold War.

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