Best Camera Settings for FIFA 23

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Best Camera Settings for FIFA 23

Here’s the best camera settings for FIFA 23 and FUT Ultimate Team. 

Many players don't change the camera settings in FIFA at all, however, your camera settings can play a vital part in your performance in matches, especially in Ultimate Team. The default camera settings given by FIFA are made to make the game look great, and while they do expect that, they may hinder your ability to make those cross pitch passes and through balls.

Best FIFA 23 Camera Settings

While the game looks great with the default settings, you can tweak the camera slightly, giving you a greater view of the whole pitch and thus allowing you to see more possible passes than before. This is extremely important for the competitive game modes such as Division Rivals and FUT Champions.

To change your camera settings, go to ‘Options’, ‘Camera’, and set the camera mode to ‘Tele Broadcast’. Now, adjust ‘Camera Height’ to between 12-15, and set ‘Camera Zoom’ to 0. 

These settings will allow you to see more of the pitch from a higher angle, giving you an advantage over your opponent who may still be on the default settings.

If you’re not a fan of these settings, we also recommend using ‘Co-Op’ as your camera setting as this gives you the widest angle possible, allowing you to see almost the entire pitch.

You can tweak these settings to something that suits you, however we recommend always keeping ‘Camera Zoom’ at 0, as this gives you the best view of the pitch.

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