Battlegrounds Mobile India Records 34 Million Players

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Records 34 Million Players

Battleground Mobile India is off to a tremendous start.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) early access became available to users on June 17th. The game was officially launched on July 2nd. During the launch, there were over 10 million downloads on the Play Store. Reports from the game developer suggest they have registered over 34 million users. Moreover, the game attracts 16 million users every day. For a game on a top online casino like Vwin to attract such a following, it must be a top-rated game. Vwin is a reputable online casino and betting platform in Asia.

The news about Battlegrounds’ performance was announced on the game’s Instagram account. Regrettably, there are no special perks for players announced to mark the occasion. BGMI is a rebranded edition of the PUGB Mobile specifically for the Indian market.

PUGB Mobile was forbidden in September 2020. At the time of its ban, the game had around 33 million users in India alone. As a result, the majority of these players switched to playing the game over VPN. So, when BGMI was launched, most of these players migrated to the Indian version.

BGMI 1.5.0

Additionally, BGMI also announced that it had released the game’s first major update. This update came soon after PUGB Mobile announced its much-awaited version 1.5 update. Players were able to access the new version of BGMI from July 13th.

The new version comes with several new features, including a new MG3 gun, a mission ignition mode, new graphics settings for low-end mobile devices, and throwable healing consumables. The recent version also introduced new tiers. As a result, the game now has a new tier called Ace Master. This tier sits between the Ace and Conqueror tier.

The update also overhauled the tier icons. You will also encounter a new point system called Challenge Point. You will earn challenge points when you complete a game without neglecting your teammates. When you attain a certain level of challenge points, you can reduce the deducted ranking points when they are eliminated from the battle early. The update also comes with Season Series Rewards for players who complete Diamond, Crown, and Ace tiers.

The new graphics settings also enable the game to reach as many players as possible. If you own a lower-specification smartphone, you can go for the graphics option that suits your device. This is reminiscent of PUGB Mobile Lite. You can also adjust the frame settings and gyroscope sensitivity.

Another addition is the “Do not pick up discarded items” option. This feature prevents auto pick up of discarded scopes and other items. You will also encounter an “Advanced Pick Up” option. This functionality allows you to set your preferred attachments for weapons. Meaning, when you pick up the set attachment, it automatically replaces the attachment you are using currently.

Other introductions include the option to auto-switch weapons when they run out of ammo. You can also switch to a third-person camera view, among other additions.

The update also gives the game better combat settings. The improved combat settings include adjusting the sensitivity of individual guns, you can copy and modify gun sensitivity, and it also allows you to store your settings on the cloud for future use.

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