CDL: Bance & Cammy on Toronto Ultra’s Season So Far

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CDL: Bance & Cammy on Toronto Ultra’s Season So Far

Recently ESTNN had the chance to sit down with Bance and Cammy from Toronto Ultra and discuss their season so far, bringing Insight onto the roster, and their goals for Stage 2. The full interview can be found below.

Firstly, we asked them about their thoughts on the return to 4v4 competitive play for the 2021 season.

Cammy: “For me, it was a bit different because I hadn't really played 4v4 before. So it was a big change from 5v5, especially the way that modern warfare was played coming into this game. It was a big change,  you have to make a lot less mistakes. But I think it's a positive change at the end of the day. Even though obviously quite a few people lost out on spots and stuff like that. I think at the same time it is better for the esport and it's a lot more fun to play.”

Bance: “I think for me personally, I had more success in 4v4 CODs. I think I'm just better at being a route man and such. I think the gameplay of 4v4 probably suits me better than 5v5. That's just like a flood fest. I like being able to maneuver. I like just being that annoying guy, you know, the guy who's shooting you in the back all the time.”

We moved on to speak about the new Map Pool for Stage 2, with Apocalypse replacing Crossroads in Hardpoint, and Express replacing Garrison in Search and Destroy.

Bance: “I think change is always good eventually because some maps,  for example, Garrison SnD, I wouldn't say that plays well. Everyone knows there are around three stats that offense can do, everyone knows those so it's just whoever wins the gunfight. There's not really much strategy to it. Express however is more open, there are more lanes and there's more time to work the map. So I think the change for Express is a really good change. And then apocalypse I'd say that it's probably one of the best maps in the game. If you win rotation, you are going to win that hill. It's a more rotation-focused map compared to crossroads, so I like that too.”

Cammy: “I think some of the maps in this game are quite poor. Having the change with Garrison and Express is definitely good. In terms of hardpoint, I think people didn’t really like Crossroads in the first place. So, again, with apocalypse coming in, it’s something new for people to watch.”

Toronto Ultra recently underwent a massive roster change, bringing in Insight for Methodz. Here’s what Bance had to say looking ahead to Stage 2.

Bance: “We're looking forward to stage two. Obviously, it's a big change because we played with Zinni [Methodz] for over a year now. So it is a big change. When you remove a big personality it's always going to be a bit of a shake-up for the team. But insight is very good. He knows the game well, and in Challengers he won back-to-back events. So he's looking pretty good and he fits in quite well for us.”

Finally, we asked about their Stage 2 Group, and if they’re feeling confident.

Cammy: “Yeah, I'd say we're pretty confident. Scrims have been looking pretty decent recently, so I'm confident. We’ve got to make sure that we're prepared. If our SnD is what we know it can be and then we're just making sure we're close in respawns and we should be good. I think we had a lot of chokes in the last group stage, really bad chokes to be honest. So hopefully none of that happens this time around and we just get the job done to make it a bit easier on ourselves.”

Stage 2 of the 2021 Call of Duty league season begins on Thursday, March 18th with the Toronto Ultra Home Series. We spoke about much more in the full interview which can be found here.

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