Baktober Bash – Huge $30K Modern Warfare 2 Tournament

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Baktober Bash – Huge $30K Modern Warfare 2 Tournament

Modern Warfare 2 has finally been released, with players getting full access to the game now.

While some content creators aren’t playing because of SBMM, others are pushing the boat out for the new release. The Baktober Bash will be an event put on by the Baka Brothers, content creators for Complexity focused on Call of Duty. This is going to be a huge event to celebrate the launch of Modern Warfare 2. It’s got a huge $30k prize pool to back it up too.

This is a tournament that’s going to be a little bit different from your normal CDL event or Warzone streamer contest. The event will feature a mix of Call of Duty League pros, along with more dedicated content creators. These will all be competing together to try and find who is the best at this brand-new game.

With the League not switching to Modern Warfare 2 for a little longer, this is going to be a fun early look at how the competitive balance is going to play out for the new game. Usually, the first few weeks of CoD have a lot of changes. There are always weapons that need a balance, or really popular weapons like the M4 that pop with the right class. It’s fun to see pros competing in this early stage.

This is how the tournament is going to work, how you can watch the Baktober Bash, and what Call of Duty players and pros are going to be playing in it.

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Backtober Bash

The Backtober Bash is going to be a $30K Modern Warfare 2 tournament. It’s being run on eFuse. They’re a pretty well-established name in esports, with loads of major tournaments using the company in the past.

The event is going to be held on a single day. It is going to run on Monday, October 31. Or, running on Halloween. We might see some players getting into the spirit with customers on streams, given what day it’s being held on.

The Baktober Bash has a specific format, which is a bit different from some Call of Duty events. This should help ensure content creators and pros are on an even footing, by not going with the format from any one type of event.

Baktober Bash Format

The event is going to be taking place as a search and control tournament only. This means no Hardpoint or Control like in other competitions. Teams will be competing in 4-v-4 against each other in direct matches. This will be played in a private lobby.

Teams Competing

The Baktober Bash is going to feature a fun mix-up of content creators, streamers, and pro players in Call of Duty proper. These will be competing in mixed teams of 4-v-4. We don’t know every team and player who will be taking part. However, there are some rules.

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Each team can feature up to 2 pro players. No one team will be all pros and have a clear advantage going into the event. We can probably assume the Baka bros themselves will be involved in some capacity too, since this is an event from them. The last Baktober Bash had some big names competing, like Swagg.

How to Watch the Baktober Bash

You can find the stream for the Backtober bash on the official stream for eFuse. However, since this is a tournament with a range of participants, there’s more than one way to watch it. You can find a lot of these participants running their own streams. This probably means you can tune into the specific stream of a player if you only want to see their point of view.

That’s everything we know about the tournament so far. If last’s year event is anything to go by, this is going to be an exciting addition to the Call of Duty competitive ecosystem. This is a fun chance to see CoD pros playing the brand-new game in a competitive format, ages before the League plays on a more stable and balanced version of the game!

Baktober Bash – Huge $30K Modern Warfare 2 Tournament
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