Attach Benched by Minnesota ROKKR in Shock Roster Move

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Attach Benched by Minnesota ROKKR in Shock Roster Move

Fame has come into the starting lineup as Attach drops to the bench.

Minnesota ROKKR have had an extremely tough Major 3. Coming off the back of a 3rd place in Major 2 at Boston, Minnesota ROKKR broke down, going 0-6 throughout Major 3 Qualifiers and Major 3 Finals. While almost every fan agreed that they needed a change, no one expected Dillon “Attach” Price to be the one who was sent to the bench.

Fame in; Attach out

Today, Minnesota ROKKR announced that Kevin “Fame” Bonanno would be replacing Dillon “Attach” Price in the starting lineup ahead of CDL Major 4 Qualifiers. Fame has been a member of the Minnesota ROKKR academy roster since the start of the year, and has seen some success. ROKKR Academy placed 1st in Challengers Elite Stage 1 Playoffs, and placed 2nd in both the Boston Open and Texas Open. While being part of the academy roster, Fame was also Minnesota ROKKR’s substitute player, so many expected him to join the main roster at some point. 

However, Attach being sent to the bench has confused a lot of the community. With 5 Major tournament wins and the youngest Call of Duty World Champion ever, Attach has been a community staple for years. Throughout Major 3, Attach had the joint highest overall K/D on the team, and wasn’t far behind on kills per 10 minutes even after changing his playstyle to be a little slower. This move is a massive shock due to Minnesota ROKKR building their teams around Attach for the past three years. Since Black Ops Cold War Attach has been the face of the franchise, but now sees himself on the bench and has stated he has no intention of playing Challengers.

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