Atlanta FaZe vs Toronto Ultra Preview and Predictions: Call of Duty League 2023 Stage 4 Major Qualifiers

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Atlanta FaZe vs Toronto Ultra Preview and Predictions: Call of Duty League 2023 Stage 4 Major Qualifiers

While FaZe are still one of the strongest team in the Call of Duty League, they have some strong competition this season.

This Friday marks the start of Week 2 of the Call of Duty League Stage 4 Major Qualifiers, which means that we are getting close to another great offline event, where the best CoD teams duke it out to decide who will be this Splits Champion! There are some teams who are looking to secure the first trophy, but neither Atlanta FaZe, nor Toronto Ultra fall into this category – but can they claim their second title of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 year?

Atlanta FaZe vs Toronto Ultra Preview

Atlanta FaZe

While the FaZe couldn’t win CDL Champs last year, they were still one of the best teams in the Vanguard era. Before the start of 2023, they said goodbye to alec “Arcitys” Sanderson and welcomed Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat back into the team. While FaZe needed some time to ramp back up, they got a nice 3rd place Stage 1, then went on to win the Stage 2 Major, beating Los Angeles Thieves 4-2 in the finals. They finished 3rd again in Stage 3 after failing to beat OpTic in the Lower Bracket Finals. Currently, Chirs “Simp” Lehr and his teammates are 6th in the Qualifiers after they beat Florida Mutineers 3-2, but losing to New York Subliners 2-3. While FaZe was great in every game mode last year, they were a strong Hardpoint team before the start of Stage 4, winning 29 out of 51 HP matches played. Something changed however, as they only won 4 maps in this mode last weekend.

Atlanta FaZe vs Toronto Ultra the lineup of atlanta Faze

Toronto Ultra

Toronto is coming off the high of winning Stage 3 Major without losing once – but they are coming off a bit too fast. The team which beat teams such as New York Subliners, Atlanta FaZe and OpTic Texas in March is 0-2 so far: last Saturday, they faced Boston Breach, who beat them 3-2, even after Toronto bounced back from a 0-2 deficit; then on Sunday, they repeated the process against Seattle Surge, with the last Search and Destroy deciding everything. While Charlie “Hicksy” Hicks and his teammates were and arm’s length from the win, they now have to make their way back to the top from 9th place.

Atlanta FaZe vs Toronto Ultra the lineup of Toronto Ultra

Atlanta FaZe vs Toronto Ultra Predictions

However, that doesn’t nullify that they managed to knock Atlanta FaZe down to the Lower Bracket in Major 3. While Simp and co. beat Toronto on the first Hardpoint (as they should), the SnD and the Control rounds were dominated by Ultra, and they managed to win by only 10 points on the Mercado Hardpoint round. While neither team is doing perfectly right now, we believe that Toronto Ultra can beat the Tiny Terrors and their teammates again.

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Atlanta FaZe vs Toronto Ultra Preview and Predictions: Call of Duty League 2023 Stage 4 Major Qualifiers
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