Atlanta FaZe vs New York Subliners Preview and Predictions: Call of Duty League 2023 Stage 4 Major

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Atlanta FaZe vs New York Subliners Preview and Predictions: Call of Duty League 2023 Stage 4 Major

FaZe got knocked down a peg by the Los Angeles Thieves, so now they must beat NYSL for a rematch – but so far in Stage 4, they were unable to do so.

Only 4 matches remain in the 2023 Call of Duty League Stage 4 Major: 2 of them are the Winners Final, where OpTic Texas and Los Angeles Thieves will try to best each other to reach the Grand Final, and the Elimination Round 4, where either Atlanta FaZe or New York Subliners will be knocked out, while the winner has another shot in the Elimination Bracket Final.

Atlanta FaZe vs New York Subliners Preview

Atlanta FaZe

While FaZe had an explosive start to the Stage 4 Major, they have met an unbreakable wall in the match against Los Angeles Thieves. After beating the Seattle Surge in the Winners Round 1 in a dominant fashion – e.g., not letting them score on El Asilo Control – they went into the match against Thieves confidently, with Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat bragging on Twitter that he taught these kids how to play CoD.

Atlanta FaZe vs New York Subliners The Lineup of FaZe
Source: @FaZeClan

Sadly, (for FaZe fans) the kids were much better than the most successful organisation in the history of Call of Duty Esports: while Atlanta won the first Hardpoint 250-229, but after that, Kenneth “Kenny” Williams and co. came online, and beat the top dogs 3 times straight, knocking them down to the Lower Bracket.

New York Subliners

The Subliners had a very similar route to the members of Atlanta Faze. They lost one match in the Qualifiers, losing to OpTic Texas, then blew Las Vegas Legion out of the water in the first round of the Winner’s Bracket. While James “Clayster” Eubanks and his team tried their hardest, they couldn’t even score a round in the Search and Destroy and Control maps.

Atlanta FaZe vs New York The Lineup of New York Subliners Subliners
Source: @Subliners

That’s why it was so surprising to see New York Subliners get 0-3’d by OpTic Texas in almost the same fashion as they bulldozed over LVL. On Hotel Hardpoint, they lost 138 to 250, in Fortress SnD, they only managed to win 3 round, and they got winded by the time El Asilo Control came around, losing 1-3 to the flawless team of Texans. At least in the Qualifiers, they got one win, but in the Major, they fell short.

Atlanta FaZe vs New York Subliners Predictions

Luckily for them, they don’t have to face OpTic again right away – but they do have to beat Atlanta FaZe to proceed. Paco “HyDra” Rusiewiez and his teammates have beaten FaZe in the 1st week of the Qualifiers 3-2. While the 1st SnD and the Control match went to Atlanta’s favour, in the two Hardpoints, they New Yorkers had a great showing. But even with that fact, they fought hard to beat Chris “Simp” Lehr and his team on El Asilo SnD, and while they succeeded, they only won by one point. This means that the rematch will be extremely interesting and will be decided by who regrouped better after the punch in the Winner’s Bracket – and as New York beat Minnesota in a more dominant fashion than FaZe won their match, it’s safe to say that they are the favourites.

How to watch Atlanta FaZe vs New York Subliners

You can root for the teams today at 21:00 CEST on the official Call of Duty Twitch and YouTube Channels. Follow ESTNN for the latest Previews, and don’t forget to like our socials!


Atlanta FaZe vs New York Subliners Preview and Predictions: Call of Duty League 2023 Stage 4 Major
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