Atlanta FaZe vs Florida Mutineers Preview: CDL 2023 Major 4 Qualifiers

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Atlanta FaZe vs Florida Mutineers Preview: CDL 2023 Major 4 Qualifiers

Florida Mutineers will face off against the most storied organization in the history of professional Call of Duty as Atlanta FaZe vs Florida Mutineers brings the action.

The wait is over as the 2023 Call of Duty League finally resumes this Friday! The Major 4 Qualifiers are looking to be a spicy one, as there are 3 teams looking to secure their second title this year, while 9 other squads want to get that Major-victory before the last tournament and before the start of CDL Champs!

Atlanta FaZe vs Florida Mutineers Preview

Florida Mutineers

The Mutineers will certainly try their hardest to be among the best teams this year, even though in the previous 3 Majors they weren’t doing so hot. The team had an interesting start, as they started the year with the Carson “Brack” Newberry, Michael “MajorManiak” Szymaniak, Javier “Vikul” Milagro and Colt “Havok” McLendon squad, and now, only Havok and Brack remain, with the latter being benched at the end of January and only joined the main roster after the Stage 2 Major. The team has tried many different lineups, with or without Brack, and they even tried to bring back David “Davpadie” Maslowski, but ultimately let the young player go after Stage 2. They signed ex-Legion player Tyler “FeLo” Johnson and rising Boston Breach star Kenyen “Capsidal” Sutton in the middle of February, benching Vikul and promoting Brack yet again.

CDL Florida Mutineers 2023 roster

However, Brack – Havok – Felo – Capsidal roster did worse than the previous iterations (at least in the qualifiers). While Florida Mutineers got 10th place in the Stage 1 Qualifiers and 9th in the Stage 2 matches, they finished almost last in the first half of Stage 3. Nevertheless, Capsidal and co. managed to up their game where it mattered the most: the Stage 3 Major, where they finished in the top 8, but couldn’t get past host team and finalist OpTic Texas. In addition, Havok looks much better since the arrival of FeLo and Capsidal, who are a great fit for the team, and have pretty good numbers overall during Major 3, according to stats site Breaking Point – at least better than the Stage 3 Mutineers lineup.

Atlanta FaZe

But will that be enough to beat the biggest name in Call of Duty? 2021 Call of Duty League Championship winners and 2022 runner-ups FaZe Clan is still one of the strongest teams in the competition. They let go of Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson and sub player Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson at the end of last season, signing Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat to fight alongside Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris, McArthur “Cellium” Jovel and Chris “Simp” Lehr in 2023.

CDL Atlanta Faze 2023 roster

While FaZe couldn’t replicate the dominance of the Black Ops Cold War era, they started out in a great fashion, getting a 3rd place finish in both Stage 1 Qualifiers and the Major. SlasheR was a bit slower than the rest of the team, but he stepped up when his teammates needed him the most: Atlanta FaZe finished 6th in the Stage 2 Qualifiers, but managed to take it all after the 28-year-old Main AR player started to be a menace in Hardpoint matches. While FaZe got a 3rd place in the Stage 3 Major, they already have a win under their belt, which means that Florida Mutineers should be on their best game if they want to beat Atlanta.

The Call of Duty League Stage 4 Major Qualifiers begin this Friday 9PM CEST with the showdown between Boston Breach and Las Vegas Legion. After the match, Los Angeles Thieves will face off against the London Royal Ravens, with the first day of Stage 4 ending with the battle of Atlanta and Florida. Be sure to tune in on the official Call of Duty channel, and be on the lookout for other previews on ESTNN!