Armored Core 6: A Masterclass in Mech-action on the Horizon

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Armored Core 6: A Masterclass in Mech-action on the Horizon

Get ready for gaming’s most intriguing take on the mech-action genre with Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 has managed to embody the essence of its classic predecessor even more than I had anticipated. Embarking on concise missions, abundant opportunities for customization, and a targeting mechanism that carefully bridges the gap between tradition and innovation.

Armored Core 6: A Masterclass in Mech-action on the Horizon

Armored Core 6 is precisely what I had wished for. Extremely quick-paced and empowering. It places the player in a mech that can hover and dash in any direction. The level of customization this game offers makes me eager to acquire every part and devise and try out every possible build available. Even with all your weapons and mobility, the controls are relatively straightforward but require quick reflexes.

Armored Core 6: What We Know So Far


Our story takes place in the distant future, when interstellar travel is feasible for humans, on a planet dubbed “Rubicon 3” The Armored Core pilot is an independent mercenary searching for the substance known as Coral. We are greeted by Walter, the handler of the Armored Core we operate at the very outset of the game. We are frequently called the handler's dog or hound, implying that we are trained to obey his every command.

Gameplay Details: Combat Mechanics and Missions

Engaging in Combat

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Armored Core 6 introduces instant lock-on mechanics, which has caused many long-time fans of the series to raise their eyebrows. After getting hands-on experience with the game, many have agreed this direction is, in fact, a choice made for the better. As you would expect, you are spawned with a finite amount of ammo, but you will feel adequately supplied during your playtime. Before engaging in combat, press down on your D-pad, as it will scan for surrounding enemies even through walls.

Your health points are named Armor Points in this game. You will carry repair kits that will work as your healing items. When approaching enemies looking elsewhere, you are shown the “Unaware” status indicating a sneaky approach. Both the enemies and you have a health bar and a stagger metre. Enemies nearing their death will become more aggressive. 


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Armored Core 6 has many verticalities implemented into it, which can be enjoyed with the help of flight mechanics. Several catapults will be available throughout the level, which will give the Armored Core a rapid boost and launch it upwards on a higher surface. In addition, the Quickboost functionality is comparable to the roll/dodge mechanics of souls-like games. Quickboost can be performed mid-air as well. 

On the bottom of your HUD, you will be given a boost metre which is recommended to be actively monitored by the player since taking flights and performing Quickdodges depletes this said metre. Armored Core 6 is a game where you must constantly be in motion to avoid incoming attacks and discover openings.


There is an abundance of weapons to select from in Armored Core 6. You can equip four weapons at a time on your right hand, left hand, right shoulder and left shoulder. In typical combat, you'll be attacking with all of them simultaneously, so expect to keep your fingers on the four RB, LB, RT, and LT buttons at all times. On your left hand, you are given a big sword for melee purposes in the beginning. This has gained overwhelming fondness from the demo players. Consider looking for openings to close the gap between you and your enemy to make use of it. It, of course, is changeable to other weapons too.

Stagger damage

In Armored Core 6, you can take advantage of the stagger mechanics when taking down an enemy. Each enemy you encounter will have a stagger metre on top of them. The only way to fill this up is by doing damage to them. Once you have managed to fill it up, they’ll get staggered and be subjected to increased incoming damage. So blast your rockets and swing the mighty left-hand sword at them to deliver the finishing blow.

Remember, like the enemies, you too have a Stagger metre; if taken enough damage, you are subjected to fatal harm. Take advantage of the boost mechanics we have discussed earlier to inflict more significant stagger damage on enemies and receive reduced stagger damage if attacked.

Lock-on System

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Armored Core 6 is a hybrid of old and new locking mechanisms. When you get near enough to an enemy, your weapons automatically lock onto them, and you still have complete control of your camera. AC6 includes an upgradeable mech component that influences accuracy, with various specifications for near, mid, and long-range assist.

It does include a new “hard” lock option called Target Assist, which is in line with the Souls games. Target Assist helps you keep the camera centred on a single adversary. When fighting difficult bosses in a one-on-one setting, this addition feels vital.


Unlike many other Fromsoft games, this one places less emphasis on exploration and has a more linear layout. Generally, you will begin a mission, complete it, and then start another. At the conclusion of each mission, you will face a formidable final boss that will test your nerve. Typically, these battles are quick-paced and aggressive. There is also a feature called “Arena missions”, where you engage in boss combat against customised mechs. The game is intended to contain 29 of these battles. 

Garage and Customizations

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Credit: Iron Pineapple

It is said that the battle doesn’t begin in the game; instead, it starts in the garage. As a pilot of your Armored Core, you’ll spend significant time on the assembly part of your garage, which lets you change weapons, heads, and internal components. Each weapon has two primary stats: attack power that inflicts HP damage and Impact that deals stagger damage. There’s always a trade-off between the two in each weapon. You must assess your current battle scenario carefully and choose the optimal weapon.

Your total weight limit is determined by the legs you choose. Each leg drastically changes the nature of your movement. Some might even argue that the legs are the most crucial part of your build. The total energy limit is determined by the generator you choose, your arm determines how heavy your weapons can be, and your head determines the lock-on range. 

Your build matters a lot in this game. Unlike in games like Dark Souls and Elden Ring, where you stick with one build throughout the entire game, you are encouraged to experiment and change frequently in this one. The armoury stations will allow the player to shift loadout mid-mission.

Game Length and Replay Value

There will be a total of five chapters in this game. Multiple playthroughs are highly encouraged, as they will lead to separate endings. According to the game director, Masaru Yamamura, halfway through the game, you decide which corporation to work for. This will affect the missions you take afterwards, influencing the late-game story and deciding which ending you get. Some decisions will also carry over to the new game Plus, so the replay value is immense. The game is reported to be around 50-60 hours long. 

Armored Core 6: A Masterclass in Mech-action on the Horizon
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