Are Team Singularity and Bidz Call of Duty League Ready?

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Are Team Singularity and Bidz Call of Duty League Ready?

After a dominant start in the Call of Duty Challengers, we take a look at whether Bidz and his team are ready to compete at the pro level.

Luke ‘Bidz’ Biddle joined Team Singularity back in 2019 when they announced a whole new roster for the Black Ops 4 season. This Singularity team was competitive and although there were roster changes throughout, Bidz was ever present. Placing Top 16 in every Black Ops 4 event, most notably placing 9-12 at the World League Championships.

With the move to a franchised league along came the Call of Duty Challengers; The amateur league which allowed players and teams to prove themselves for a spot on a roster in the Call of Duty League. This has already happened for players such as Blazt, Spart and Vivid. All of whom were picked up by The Los Angeles Guerrillas. And MackMelts, who made it onto The New York Subliners starting roster.

Challengers results

Team Singularity started off the year in Minnesota at the CDL Launch Weekend. Their team consisted of Jed ‘Detain’ Mulcahy, Jamie ‘Insight’ Craven, Jack ‘Maple’ McCartney, Sam ‘Chain’ Dineley and of course, Bidz. After losing to Renegades 3-0 in Winners Quarter-Finals. Team Singularity managed to bounce back to the Grand Finals, defeating Hybrid Black 3-0 to reset the bracket, and 3-2 to win the tournament and $80k. Singularity went back-to-back at CDL London where they defeated TrainHard Esports in the Grand Final. Singularity were unable to win three in a row; they fell to rivals Team WaR in the grand final 3-2 and 3-0.

After another second place finish in Los Angeles, and a 5-6th in Dallas. Team Singularity returned to winning form at the CDL Challengers Open #1 North American division. As well as The Chicago Huntsmen Home Series; taking another first place spot. On their return to the european division, they fell short against rivals Team WaR in the Winners Finals. Then again in the Grand Finals, both in 3-2 fashion to finish 2nd place. So far there have been eight Challengers events.Team Singularity have finished in the Top 2 at seven of these events winning four of them. Currently their 50% win rate is higher than any other team, solidifying them as the best Challengers team as of today.

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Meet Bidz

We spoke to Bidz to get some more information about their success in the Call of Duty Challengers.

How did you get into Call of Duty and find yourself competing for thousands of dollars?

Bidz: I got into call of duty when my school friends convinced me to buy ghosts and play Gamebattles matches with them, we were horrible but the odd win was satisfying enough to continue playing. Obviously over time I improved from title to title and worked hard to get to the point I’m at now, I’m still nowhere near the top so the grind continues.

How does the standard of gameplay differ between the CWL and now CDL Challengers?

Bidz: The gameplay from pro teams are not too different. I stand by my words in the dexerto interview at the time of the London event only T2 pro teams would have given us good games. People caught up and we didn't improve for a while.

How do you and the team feel about being in Challengers and not having the chance to play on the Main Stage this year?

Bidz: Not being able to play on the main stage is heartbreaking but it just makes you work harder to get there. Played on it at CoD Champs and it felt incredible, just fuel for us to keep going.

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What's your favourite role to play and why?

Bidz: My favourite role on a team is the flex, not really such a role on MW but I’m happy with the SMG role this year.

If you had to put yourself on a current CDL roster, which team would it be and why?

Bidz: I feel like I would make any CDL team better just from the passion I bring in game, I want it more than anyone and I always will. Too many CDL players getting complacent and stealing a cheque.

Have you scrimmed against any pro teams?

We scrimmed all pro teams whilst in the states, usually split maps with them.

So, are they ready?

Bidz sounds very confident in his personal and his team's ability this year. Considering he's placed Top 16 every event during Black Ops 4 and Top 2 in seven out of eight events this year with a 50% win rate, his confidence is understandable. We may have to wait until next year to see Bidz or Team Singularity compete at a professional level; but when they return, their level of gameplay can keep up, and will not disappoint.

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