Apex Legends Joins The Riyadh Esports World Cup

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Apex Legends Joins The Riyadh Esports World Cup

The EA and Respawn Entertainment backed battle royale game, Apex Legends, is the final game to join the list of titles to be featured in the competitive Esports World Cup held in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

The news of Apex Legends coming to Riyadh Esports World Cup may come as surprising to many, mostly because as many organizations such as Spacestation Gaming, and more had withdrawn their teams from the game., But the past year has been sort of a ‘comeback’ for Apex esports, with rumors and speculations of the game ‘dying’ been shut down by several orgs that have drafted esports teams to play in Apex tournaments again.

Multiple Organizations Return As Apex Joins Esports World Cup

The Esports World Cup Foundation is definitely providing a financial based incentive to teams that will participate in this multi-week gaming cup or ‘festival’, and the same has led to the inception of several teams within the Apex scene during the last leg of 2023. Natus Vincere, Virtus.pro nd Cloud9 have all signed rosters recently, making a return to the Apex legends scene.

There are also multiple Apex tournaments to look out for after you’re done ith the Esports World Cup, such as the Apex Legends Global Series, or ALGS for short, and more.

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