All the Thaumaturge Bosses

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All the Thaumaturge Bosses

What RPG would it be if there were no bosses to face? The Thaumaturge is a game in which the focal point is the plot and the way in which it is divided between main missions, secondary missions, and activities, as we said in our review.

However, there are some moments in the adventure where it will be vitally important to fight enemies. In addition to the mobs, there will also be bosses to face, so, in this article, we will tell you which are all The Thaumaturge bosses present in the game.

All the Thaumaturge Bosses Listed

Let's start by saying that in The Thaumaturge, there are many bosses that can be avoided based on the choices you make and whether or not you decide to complete side missions. For this reason, in reality, there are not many The Thaumaturge bosses to deal with. In any case, in this article, we will tell you all the bosses that you will have to face and what you will have to do in order to defeat them.

  • Bukavac
  • Veles
  • Lelek
  • Morana (side quest)
  • Djinn
  • Krampus (side quest)
  • Golem (optional)
  • Rasputin (optional)

the thaumaturge bosses

The bosses that you will have to face are actually only four: Bukavac, Veles, Lelek, and Djinn. The other four, however, can be avoided either because you decide not to complete the secondary mission connected to them or based on what you decide to say and/or do during some specific moments in the game plot. This aspect, therefore, underlines once again how important the plot is in The Thaumaturge and how every choice, even the smallest one, can actually change things.

Having archived this aspect of whether or not you can face certain bosses, it is important to know that each of them will have a fight structured more or less in the same way. In fact, the boss fight will be divided into one or more phases in which you will have to face shadows (i.e., human enemies) in order to inflict damage on the boss.

The number of shadows, as well as the number of phases, also changes from boss to boss, but consider that there will always be at least one and never more than four per phase. Once you have managed to defeat all the shadows, you will have defeated the boss.

But what are some useful tips that you will need to keep in mind? First of all, since the fight will not start automatically but you will have to start it, look at the characteristics of the individual shadows to see which combinations of skills you should use. In fact, as you progress through the game, you will have the possibility of unlocking abilities to connect to the moves of Wiktor and his Salutors. Obviously, the choices you make are not permanent and you can change them every time to use the most useful ones in certain circumstances.

the thaumaturge bosses

In fact, especially if you decide to play the game on maximum difficulty, you will have to have a ready strategy in mind; otherwise, it will be difficult to beat the enemies. So, skills are an essential part of combat (not just against bosses); don't underestimate them for any reason in the world. But there are also other things to take into consideration.

Our advice is not to always and only use attacks aimed at taking away health, but also try to use those that allow you to lower the characters' focus or that are capable of inflicting penalties at the end of each turn. In fact, for example, in the case of focus (i.e., the orange diamonds that are above the health bar), when an opponent no longer has any, he will enter a state in which you can perform special moves both with Wiktor and with one of your Salutators who are capable of killing the enemy in a single move.

Additionally, some Salutors have the ability to inflict statuses on your opponents that allow you to inflict greater damage. As if that wasn't enough, you can also make use of different statuses (or the same one) on a single character in order to increase the damage inflicted even further. But we're not done yet. Some Salutors, however, are able to use moves that allow you to remove the statuses you have at that moment, protect you from obtaining them, or give you back part of your health.

In short, to be able to defeat The Thaumaturge bosses, you will have to take into consideration different aspects of the fight and you will not have to have only an offensive approach. Many times, in fact, the best strategy is to stay on the defensive and unleash your best attacks only when you really have the right opportunity to do so.

All the Thaumaturge Bosses
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