All COD MW3 Launch Times

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All COD MW3 Launch Times

Activision has officially announced the COD MW3 launch times from which you will be able to play the new chapter of the series. In case you have pre-ordered the game, you will already be playing the game, but all those who have not done so will have to wait until tomorrow. In this article, therefore, we have decided to give you all the information you need to know about it.

COD MW3 launch times revealed

The times obviously depend on where you are, as it will not be the same for everyone. Below are the COD MW3 launch times:

  • U.S. West Coast: Console – 9pm PT November 9
  • U.S. West Coast: PC – 9pm PT November 9
  • U.S. East Coast: Console – 12am ET 10 November
  • U.S. East Coast: PC – 12am EST November 10
  • UK: Console – 12am GMT November 10
  • UK: PC – 5am GMT November 10
  • Europe: Console – 12am CET November 10
  • Europe: PC – 6am CET November 10
  • Japan: Console – 12am JST November 10
  • Japan: PC – 2pm JST November 10
  • Australia: Console – 12am AEDT November 10
  • Australia: PC – 4pm AEDT November 10

Furthermore, another thing you should know is that it is also possible to preload the multiplayer and Zombies modes, so that, as soon as the moment comes in which you can access them, you will not have to wait any longer and you can directly throw yourself into the fray with the new multiplayer maps, making use of the weapons present in the game. Finally, don't forget that the camos that you can unlock in the game have also been made available.

cod mw3 launch times

All COD MW3 Launch Times
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