AK-47 GA’d By Pro Call Of Duty Players

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AK-47 GA’d By Pro Call Of Duty Players

After a few weeks of uncertainty, the pro’s have finally agreed to GA the AK-47.

Last night it was revealed that the AK-47 will no longer be used in professional Call of Duty matches, and has been GA’d. This comes after the European amateur players making the decision to remove the weapon a few weeks ago.

What is a GA?

GA stands for Gentleman’s Agreement. This means that while the AK-47 isn’t strictly banned from competitive play, the pro’s have agreed between themselves to not use it. If you break the GA, you’re likely to be blacklisted from scrims, meaning your team will get less practice.

What other GA’s are there?

In previous Call of Duty titles, GA lists have been fairly simple. However, with the gunsmith system that was introduced in Modern Warfare, many more attachments have been GA’d.

Some of the most notable GA’s so far are all Tactical Rifles, the AK-47, KSP 45, 1911 and Magnum. While the KGB Eliminator and SOCOM Eliminator Muzzles and the Task Force Barrel have also been removed.

The GA list is almost guaranteed to grow before the start of the 2021 Call of Duty League season, so we’ll keep you up to date with all the latest news.

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