Adding Up the Adderall: League Veteran KiLLa Speaks Out About Esports Addictions

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Adding Up the Adderall: League Veteran KiLLa Speaks Out About Esports Addictions

Call of Duty Pro KiLLa shed light on addictions that are common in esports.

The Call of Duty League has enough issues as it is, so when Adam “KiLLa” Sloss sat down with The Washington Post this week, detailing the negatives of the esports scene, you can only imagine what the heads at Activision/Blizzard are thinking.

The worst of these negative League attributes? Well in Call of Duty, the former esports professional discussed the seemingly growing, unmonitored usage of player-favorite prescription, Adderall.

Doctors prescribe the drug to treat patients with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). This helps users have an ability to increase response times, as well as their reflexes… which if you can imagine, has become increasingly appealing to seasoned esports pros over the years. However, we have reached a point where the drug is used at almost every single competitive gaming event.

KiLLa Interview

In an interview with the Washington Post, KiLLa revealed that many players in the CoD scene have been taking the substance for years.

According to the 2013 World Champion, despite his brutal honesty in the Post piece, it's not really ever something that gets talked about, because it's essentially an “open secret.”

Here is an excerpt of the interview with KiLLa:

“Nobody talks about it because everyone is on it. Witnessed? Yeah, very frequently and a lot to be honest. It’s a major problem. The Adderall abuse was too much to keep up with.”

Former League Commissioner, Nate Nanzer, had this to say later on in that same piece:

“Adderall is a legal prescription in the United States of America and … there’s no data that suggests that it makes you better at playing Overwatch.”

Other than Nanzer’s rebuttal, the official Call of Duty League PR team has declined to comment at this point in time.

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