A Guide to Dota 2 for Beginners

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A Guide to Dota 2 for Beginners

Four simple tips to help get you started playing Dota 2 in Patch 7.24.

Many people get into Dota 2 without knowing what to expect. Dota 2 may seem easy at first, but don’t be fooled it actually needs a lot of dedication, as its complexity can be quite overwhelming to some. You’ll need to be advanced in order to come up with great, real-time strategies and take over your enemies.

This is why some new players need some help to climb the ladder of Dota 2, and if you’re in the same situation, then you’ve come to the right place. Before you can understand the game properly and be able to do some Dota 2 gambling, here’s a little guide to help you get used to Dota 2.

1. Play Against Bots

While you may be tempted to instantly start playing with your friends, save that for later. You’re new to the game and unless you want to be always laughed at when you make a mistake, you should practice your skills by playing against bots. Well, you’ll also have a hard time because Dota 2 has quite the aggressive bot AI, but it’s still better for learning how to play the game.

It’s going to take some time, but you will not regret it.

2. Get to Know the Lanes

You need to know what the lanes are if you want to be able to make a strategy. The map has three sections, respectively the top lane, the middle lane, and the bottom lane. The top one will lead from Dire or Radiant, which is the base, to the top left corner of your map. It’s the easy lane for Dire and the hard one for Radiant.

The mid lane will just stretch across the map in a diagonal way. Also, there is the bot lane that will connect to the base of the teams. When it comes to the bottom lane, it is hard for Dire and easy for Radiant.

3. Listen to Those Better than You

There will always be people who are better than you at the game, and when you’re a beginner, it’s impossible to not stumble upon them. If they criticize you, you should always make sure to listen to what they have to say and use it to improve. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should accept verbal abuse from rude people, but if there’s anyone willing to give you advice in a polite way, always take advantage of this.

4. Play the Tutorial

Maybe it’s the last thing you want to do, but when you get into the game, you should consider playing the tutorial. It only gives you a piece of the puzzle, but it’s better than nothing.

Final Thoughts

Even if you feel like you’ll never be able to achieve success in Dota 2, you shouldn’t give up – it takes time to improve at anything. So, follow this advice and have some patience. If you spend enough time working on it and you’re passionate about Dota, you’ll notice improvements soon.

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