5 Tips to Becoming an Esports Pro

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5 Tips to Becoming an Esports Pro

If you are looking forward to being a professional gamer there are a few things you can do to uplift your game. Being paid by a team or getting a sponsorship to play is every dedicated gamer’s dream! We’ve done some research to give you 5 basic gaming tips every beginner needs to get with a pro team.

If you are already part of a team, then this is definitely something you want to be aware of! Get your team to compete in the biggest esports tournaments with these squad tips:

1. Know Your Gear

Every piece of gear has a different recoil, you should get familiar with each of your gear's advantages and disadvantages before getting into a serious game. Knowing all your gears by heart can help you master a steady aim too!

2. Aim Quick & Be Deadly

Practice a lot on your aim, not only that it is excellent but also that you are fast at it. You don’t want to be aiming at someone and get shot while doing it, so gotta learn how to be fast to impress a team.

3. Always Keep Moving

Being dynamic is very important because, again, you don’t want to be standing still trying to shoot and then get shot. The best move to survive through all the game is to keep moving constantly.

4. Know Your Maps

Memorize all maps and be constantly checking them. Also, anticipate where other teams may be dropping.

5. Last but Not Least, Practice with Your Team!

It is important that you get with your team and practice constantly to master all the previous points. Constant practice is also very important in order to uplift your team’s chemistry!

So there it is, you should remember these tips in order to not only go from a beginner into a professional gamer but also get your team into a whole other level.

Get Spotted with a Branded Team

Stream your games to gain more viewers! While you are bringing more followers into your channels ask yourself, is it cool enough?  Making your own gaming logo and using it to brand your channels will make you look professional right from the start.

You can also create your own avatar easily by using an online fantasy avatar creator, there are tons of options for you to do this even if you are not an experienced designer. Placeit, for example, has amazing tools like an avatar creator but also a logo generator for your gaming image! This is a super easy-to-use tool and if you are wondering how it works just take a look at this how to make a logo guide and start your own today!

Brand all your channels to get that pro look and even make branded merch to promote your team’s brand! You can get your own shirts and more. The main idea is that you get yourself noticed, that you grab the attention from everywhere possible. Make sure your social media is visible too and branded!


Establish Your Game Goals Together

Whether this means choosing a specific game, or your team’s goals, you should talk about this with your squad and make sure you are all on the same page. You should choose a game in which you are good and that you enjoy it so that practicing doesn’t become a burden.


Finally, Let’s Review

Follow the previous tip to become better at playing and increase your chances to get into a team or uplift your team’s abilities! Pay attention to local events! Attend local competitions and events, get social with other gamers. This is the best strategy to get you on the map! Also, keep an eye on team try-outs if you are not part of any team yet.

The next step would be to make sure all your channels and social media are properly branded with your own gamer’s logo. Looking professional helps your audience to take you more seriously whether it’s a streaming channel or that you actually want to compete on important gaming events!

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