5 Reasons To Have Your Own Game Server In 2021

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5 Reasons To Have Your Own Game Server In 2021

Power up your gaming experience with your own game server.

If you’re a fan of video games like we are, chances are you already heard about people having their own gaming server. Most games allow you to browse the available servers and pick the one you prefer. But have you ever considered having your own game server? There are many benefits to owning our own server. Better performances and overall gaming experience, this article highlights 5 reasons to have your own game server in 2021. 

Reduce your latency

Having your own server lets you decide where it’s located. By choosing a server location close to your home, you can drastically reduce your lag in-game. This is especially important in esports, as having an optimal connection to be faster than your opponents can make or break games. Besides the lag you could experience, having your own server also protects you against DDoS attacks that could hinder your performances. 

Play whenever you want

If you have your own server, you’re the one who decides whether or not your server is running. In case of trouble, most companies guarantee 24/7 support. You can reach out anytime if you have any questions regarding your server. No more surprise update or unavailability when you want to play, as you have full control of your server.

Kick the trolls!

Who likes having trolls in their games? We certainly don’t. As the owner of your own game server, you can kick or ban any troll you meet. Plus, you can customize your server rules to have the best gaming experience possible. You can decide to open your server to anyone or restrict it to friends. If your server is public, game hosting companies guarantee a stable ping no matter the traffic.

Customize your gaming experience

Once you set up your own game server, you can customize it however you like. Depending on the game you are playing, you can add specific rules, decide if anyone can join you or if your server is private, and even add mods or special game modes. A word of caution if you want to play esports on your game server: some modifications may not be allowed in competitive modes, make sure your server respect the games’ rules. 


Most game server hosting solutions offer you the flexibility to pick the game of your choosing. Whether you are looking for a chill Minecraft experience to build the biggest construction possible, or a competitive Rust server, the choice is yours. Of course, you could always join an existing server – but why do so when you can have a better experience with a dedicated game server?

Are you ready to start your own game server? Setting up a server is simple and easy. You can even decide to host it online, or on your own machine. If you are still looking for a Game server hosting solution, check out Scalacube Reviews, our partner for this article.

5 Reasons To Have Your Own Game Server In 2021
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