Toronto Ultra Walk Away With Their First Five Game Win Against Seattle Surge

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Toronto Ultra Walk Away With Their First Five Game Win Against Seattle Surge

Seattle Surge decided to play very carefully right from the get-go, but the Toronto Ultra settled into their first game with a breakneck offense in an upbeat round of Hardpoint (the game took place at Munition Depot). Most of the battle was fought on the hill, with both teams actively trading the lead back and forth. MettalZ’s triple kill in the last two minutes certainly helped Toronto, but it didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, due to Seattle’s quick return fire clinching the first win of the match.

The second set of Modern Warfare, which consisted of a brutally quick round of Search and Destroy,  turned into a blood bath for the Toronto Ultra early on, with the Seattle Surge constantly having to find their way defensively. Toronto cherry-picked their kills left and right, with Seattle really struggling to find a strategy to defeat their rival. Toronto continued to clean house for most of the game, tying the series back at 1 – 1.

In the Domination round, both teams kept their respective cool, though Seattle broke through with a lead at the start and maintained it for the rest of the round. Toronto, despite their best efforts, struggled and failed again at finding a balance between their offense and defensive decisions. Seattle then lead the series, 2 – 1.

However, the Ultrashot alive in the second round of Hardpoint, mostly due to the offensive determination of Toronto favorite, Loony. The rest of the match was a blur, with the Toronto Ultra obliterating any chance of competition that Seattle sent their way. Although there were certainly points where Seattle did well, it wasn’t enough for them to secure the lead, tying the match up at 2 – 2.

Game 5 consisted of another Search and Destroy match, with Seattle scrambling to lock down a lead against Toronto. After six rounds of fighting, the Surge tied it all up, 3 – 3, towards the end of the final round. With two kills in quick succession, Seattle’s Karma and Enable took on Toronto’s MettalZ and Cammy, with the Ultra taking the win (making it a 4 – 3 game). The next round was a quick win for Seattle, but Toronto swept ahead with another round win, taking the game to a close 4 – 5.

But with fifteen seconds left in Search and Destroy, Enable completely eliminated his competition, helping to secure the final win needed for Toronto. Seattle was noticeably distraught after their second loss, and they’ll need to figure out how to work better together if they truly want to succeed in the future for the Call of Duty League.

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