2024 Warhammer Event Miniatures are Here

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2024 Warhammer Event Miniatures are Here

The 2024 Warhammer Event Miniatures are Here and there's an animal theme to it all.

Regardless if you like the 40k or the Sigmar flavour of Warhammer, you'll be in for a nice animal-themed miniature if you head to an event this year. Starting at AdeptiCon in March, attendees will be able to pick up two new commemorative miniatures; The Hunter Strikes, and the Steel Rook.


Warhammer Event Miniatures 40k – The Hunter Strikes

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Starting off with 40k, you'll get a lovely newly reveal Kroot Hunting Pack army set unit. The Hunter Strikes is a Kroot Carnivore caught mid-pounce, striking a mighty two-handed blow with the blade on his rifle. Always full of detail, the new commemorative Kroot miniature would be ideal for any collection.

Warhammer Event Miniatures Age of Sigmar – the Steel Rook

2024 Warhammer Event Miniatures are Here

For Age of Sigmar fans you'll get a chance to bolster your Cities of Sigmar ranks with this alternative Arch-Knight miniature. The original is found in the Freeguild Command Corps box, and this alternative model is certainly not one to caw at. Not only does this new Arch-Knight come decked out in feathers, but he even comes with a little rook buddy to follow them around. For this, we'll call him Robert.

Both models will debut at AdeptiCon on March 20th, but will be available at every major Warhammer event in 2024 across the globe.

Can you get Warhammer Event Miniatures without going to an event?

Sadly there's no official way to obtain these models outside of the event. So you'll either need to get a friend to buy it for you, or hope an event pops up in your local area. As someone who doesn't live in a country that normally gets Warhammer events… I'll be holding my breath for one.

Obviously, online resellers are an option, but beware of very high markups for something that will likely not cost more than $25 – $30 at most.


2024 Warhammer Event Miniatures are Here
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