100 Thieves Founder Nadeshot Critiques Legitimacy of Call of Duty League

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100 Thieves Founder Nadeshot Critiques Legitimacy of Call of Duty League

With the first official season of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare league on the horizon, players and fans of the series are excited as ever.

Well, at least most are.

In an interview with The Loadout, Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag spoke about the upcoming COD League on The Mob podcast. Here is an excerpt from the recorded segment.

“I think franchising was a mistake. I think charging $25 million to be part of a league that hasn’t grown year over year is a mistake. I think flying teams across the world to play one best-of-five series is a mistake.”

Haag stayed firmly on his belief throughout the podcast, while also stating that he and the 100 Thieves team were more than interested in joining the league until they heard about the $25 million entrance fee.

Haag, a now world-renowned esports athlete, has a reputation for speaking his mind and, even more so, destroying players in Call of Duty. He went on to comment on Activision and, at least from his perspective, their consistent overestimation of total “esports interest” in the Call of Duty franchise.

So when it comes to the future success of Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare update, “Nadeshot” believes that the esports community is out of line with the new setup and level design of Modern Warfare, stating that the latest incarnation of COD is truly for “casual players” instead of professionals.

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