10 Hilarious FIFA Glitches That’ll Have You on the Floor

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10 Hilarious FIFA Glitches That’ll Have You on the Floor

Put down everything and take a look at 10 of the most hilarious FIFA glitches to have taken place in the history of FIFA

EA Sports FC, formerly known as FIFA, is a highly successful game franchise resulting from the collaboration between EA Sports and FIFA. With its inception in 1993, FIFA International Soccer became the first game to acquire an official license from FIFA, the international governing body of football. Garnering immense popularity, EA Sports FC has been localized in 18 languages and distributed in 51 countries, earning itself a place in the Guinness World Records as the best-selling sports video game franchise, having sold over 325 million copies as of 2021.

Through its nearly 30 years of existence, FIFA has contributed to many fits of uncontrollable laughs with its crazy and unpredictable glitches and bugs. Here is a list of 10 hilarious moments shared by the FIFA community put together to give you a good time:

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10 Glitches That Caught Our Eye

We would have been here all night if we listed all the FIFA glitches ever, but here are 10 for good measure.

1.      Nothing Can Stop What’s Fated – FIFA 17

When it comes to fate, even your most arduous efforts can’t stop it from coming true. Or at least that’s what we can see in this GIF clip here, where the goalkeeper’s desperate tries still could save the goal. His left arm seems to have bent the wrong way, allowing for the ball to whizz past into the goalpost. Pretty sus. Was it fate, or was it personal? You decide.


2.      It’s the Thought That Counts – FIFA 22

Imagine this. Your opponent caught you off-guard and lobbed the ball past your defense near the game's final minutes. As a last stitched attempt, you decide to try to tackle their striker in D-box from behind and land yourself a foul. To your surprise, you find the game not sending your defender off, but granting your opponent a Freekick INSIDE the D-box. Adding to that, your defenders have also formed a wall BEHIND your goalpost. Like, what even? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Well, at least they played their part.


What's the funniest glitch you've experienced?
by u/eGoGames_ in EASportsFC

3.      The Dream ‘GoalWatcher’ – FIFA 22

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (FUT 22) lets you build your dream squad. This particular gamer was hoping to fulfill his dream team with the brilliant Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, but his dream would soon turn into a nightmare. With the enemy team taking a shot at his goalpost, Donnarumma dives to save it, falling outside the right pole of the goalpost. The ball seems to slowly roll into the goalpost as the dazed goalkeeper continues to bug out, getting stuck behind the post. To make it worse, the whole incident dragged on, hurting every second. The slow-creeping nature of the goal is just awkwardly funny to watch.


Donnarumma truly is the best keeper in the game
by u/prjmello in EASportsFC

4.      Mid-game Practice Throws – FIFA 19

If you’ve ever played Football in real life, you will know that the perfect throw takes quite a lot of practice to master. Then again, would you really be practicing throwing the ball in during the game itself? Probably not. Here’s a glitch where a ball has gone out of play for a throw-in and bugs the game out. The player seems to be taking the throw-in over and over again while the ball rests comfortably far away from the player itself. But hey, he can skip out on his next arms day at the gym.


5.      Lights, Camera, Boogie! – FIFA 19

This glitch took place following a failed penalty. The camera angle seems to have gotten stuck in the penalty angle, and the players must now make a guess as to where to move and shoot. Furthermore, no matter what the outcome of the corner may be, the game returns to the penalty shootout! Although this is quite a bothersome glitch to experience, the gamers seem to be having fun, taking this chance in the glitched spotlight to bust out some impressive moves. At least they seem to be taking this already-hilarious situation to the next level—Boogie on, friends!



6.      Neck-breaking Hugs – FIFA 19

Some glitches take place even before the match begins, like this one that happens so fast that if you blink, you’ll miss it. After watching the video, we have one question. Was this glitch, or was the glitcher just bullying the shorter guy? Funnily enough, we can imagine two friends starting their match and watching the opening events while having a soda when this suddenly catches them off-guard and makes them spill their drinks.


7.      Up, up and away! – FIFA 22

If you’ve watched Shaolin Soccer, this video will not surprise you. In the clip, one of the players on the defense seems to be done with the losing game and yeets himself into the stratosphere to get some fresh air before making the smoothest landing of the year. Maybe he was just trying to take his playing to the next level. No matter what pun you settle for, this clip just helped take FIFA glitch memes to a new height.


What in the crouching tiger is this
by u/DAVIDKGH in EASportsFC

8.      AI Corruption in the Virtual VAR – FIFA 22

Nothing to see here, just a corrupted VAR intentionally helping the enemy team. In this clip, Manchester United seems to have scored a goal against West Ham United, with the WHU goalkeeper failing to catch the ball that seems to have entered the goalpost. The defender who receives the ball with his chest, as well as the ball, are both colored blue and shown to be ultimately past the goal line. Shockingly, the VAR declares this to be not a goal and gives us a fun reminder of how real-life football can sometimes be… suspiciously one-sided. The VAR team is getting rich today.


Clearly not a goal. Well done VAR!
by u/ChiTheDreamer in EASportsFC

9.      Bicycle Multiple Kicks – FIFA 22

When it comes to some goals dripping with finesse, you can be sure that the gamer is using his favorite football stars to land clip-worthy shots. Nevertheless, nothing could have prepared us for this bicycle kick from Cristiano Ronaldo. This hilarious glitch was a result of a shot that was inputted, overlapping with a tackle from the defender, resulting in both a shot and a fall blended together for a spastic, levitating wiggling. This Youtube short got us laughing at the glitch itself and the tired-looking Ronaldo lying drained out of energy on the ground.  Every limb on the man really went “SIUU!” simultaneously.

10.  Love Thine Enemies – FIFA 12

Most of the glitches come second to this, with multiple submissions over the entire lifetime of FIFA. The kissing glitch showcases two opposing players sharing a moment of ensnaring love and affection following a glitchy tackle collision. Why do the involved players seem tangled for so long despite being a bug? Pretty sus if you ask me. Whether these bots enjoy it or not, we sure do, giving us a clip worth sharing with our buddies as we all get a hearty laugh no matter how many times we revisit the glitch.



In conclusion, FIFA's history is dotted with noteworthy glitches that have captivated players over the years. While we have only showcased 10 video clips, these glitches represent the game's wide range of unexpected and entertaining occurrences. From players contorting in strange positions to mind-boggling physics-defying moments, these glitches have become integral to FIFA's legacy, fostering a vibrant community that embraces their unpredictability. They have sparked discussions, inspired funny compilation videos, and even pushed developers to improve the gaming experience.

As FIFA continues to evolve, more glitches are bound to arise, provoking both frustration and amusement. These glitches remind us that imperfections can lead to moments of laughter and astonishment even in the digital realm. Let's celebrate the quirky and unforgettable moments that have made FIFA's glitchy history a testament to the charm of video games, uniting players in their shared experiences.

10 Hilarious FIFA Glitches That’ll Have You on the Floor
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