Top 10 Highest Rated Saudi Pro League Players in EA FC 24

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Top 10 Highest Rated Saudi Pro League Players in EA FC 24

As we approach the EA FC 24 release date, it's time to unveil the top 10 highest rated Saudi Pro League players in the game

FIFA fans are eagerly waiting for the much anticipated launch of the newest iteration of the game, EA FC 24. This is going to be the first installment of the EA Sports soccer game series after its licensing agreement with FIFA expires. As we are only days away from the new game, fans are excited to find out about the new player ratings. The Saudi Pro League has garnered worldwide attention for signing some of the biggest soccer stars in recent times. Let's explore the highest rated Saudi Pro League players featured in EA FC 24.

Highest Rated Saudi Pro League Players in EA FC 24

Top 10 Highest Rated Saudi Pro League Players in EA FC 24
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Here are the top 10 highest-rated Saudi Pro League players in EA FC 24:

10. Allan Saint-Maximin- 81

  • Teams: Al Ahli/France
  • Position: LM
  • Pace (PAC):89
  • Shooting (SHO): 73
  • Passing (PAS): 73
  • Dribbling (DRI): 88
  • Defending (DEF): 29
  • Physicality (PHY): 68

Allan Saint-Maximin, at Al Ahli in the Saudi Pro League, boasts an EA FC rating of 81 with standout dribbling (88). He's adapted well since his move from Newcastle, providing an assist in three matches. With a pace rating of 89, he's a speedy winger. Representing Al Ahli and France, he's an exciting addition to FIFA teams in the Saudi Pro League.

9. Anderson Talisca- 81

  • Teams: Al Nassr/Brazil
  • Position: CF
  • Pace (PAC): 79
  • Shooting (SHO): 84
  • Passing (PAS): 76
  • Dribbling (DRI): 81
  • Defending (DEF): 52
  • Physicality (PHY): 73

Anderson Talisca holds an EA FC rating of 81 as a center forward. The Brazilian’s notable attributes include good pace (79), sharp shooting (84), and adept dribbling (81). His passing (76) is also respectable. Since his 2021 move from Guangzhou Evergrande, he's become a key figure in Al Nassr's attack, playing alongside Ronaldo and Mane. In FIFA, he's a valuable asset for teams seeking a potent frontline.

8. Ruben Neves- 84

  • Teams: Al Hilal/Portugal
  • Position: CDM
  • Pace (PAC): 60
  • Shooting (SHO): 75
  • Passing (PAS): 86
  • Dribbling (DRI): 77
  • Defending (DEF): 76
  • Physicality (PHY): 73

Ruben Neves boasts an EA FC rating of 84 as a CDM. He excels in passing (86) and defending (76) with moderate pace (60). The ex-Wolves midfielder has decent shooting (75), dribbling (77), and physicality (73) ratings. 

7. Aymeric Laporte- 85

  • Teams: Al Nassr/Spain
  • Position: CB
  • Diving (DIV): 61
  • Handling (HAN): 50
  • Kicking (KIC): 73
  • Reflexes (REF): 69
  • Speed (SPE): 86
  • Positioning (POS): 78

Aymeric Laporte, at Al Nassr in the Saudi Pro League, holds a solid EA FC rating of 85 as a center-back. He brings impressive attributes to the virtual field, including notable speed (86) and strong positioning (78). Known for his defensive prowess, having won titles with Manchester City, including the Champions League, Laporte's move to Al Nassr alongside Ronaldo and Mane showcases his desire for a fresh challenge and financial incentives. In FIFA, Laporte is a valuable addition to bolster any team's defense with reliability and experience in the backline.

6. N'Golo Kanté- 86 

  • Teams: Al Ittihad/France
  • Position: CDM
  • Pace (PAC): 69
  • Shooting (SHO): 65
  • Passing (PAS): 73
  • Dribbling (DRI): 80
  • Defending (DEF): 85
  • Physicality (PHY): 77

N'Golo Kanté, now at Al Ittihad in the Saudi Pro League, boasts a robust EA FC rating of 86 as a CDM. He excels at defending (85) and dribbling (80). With solid pace (69) and respectable passing (73), his true strength lies in his exceptional defensive work rate and all-around midfield abilities. Despite recent injury concerns at Chelsea, Kanté remains one of the world's premier two-way midfielders. Under Nuno Santo's management, he promises to be a standout presence in the Saudi Pro League, and in FIFA, he's a valuable addition for teams seeking midfield and defensive prowess.

5. Sadio Mane – 86

  • Teams: Al Nassr/Senegal
  • Position: CF
  • Pace (PAC): 85
  • Shooting (SHO): 83
  • Passing (PAS): 79
  • Dribbling (DRI): 87
  • Defending (DEF): 44
  • Physicality (PHY): 74

Sadio Mane ranked among one of the fierce wingers in the world when he chose to leave Bayern Munich for Al Nassr.  He brings excellent pace (85), solid shooting (83), and impressive dribbling (87) to your team. The Senegal international’s passing (79) adds versatility to his attacking role. After a successful career at Liverpool and a brief Bayern Munich stint, Mane joined Al Nassr, forming a potent attacking trio with Ronaldo and Talisca. In FIFA, Mane is a dynamic force in the frontline, known for his goal-scoring and playmaking, making him a top choice for squads seeking attacking firepower.

4. Riyad Mahrez- 86

  • Teams: Al Ahli/Algeria
  • Position: RM
  • Pace (PAC): 79
  • Shooting (SHO): 81
  • Passing (PAS): 81
  • Dribbling (DRI):89
  • Defending (DEF): 38
  • Physicality (PHY): 60

Riyad Mahrez maintains a solid EA FC rating of 86. As a right midfielder, he has impressive dribbling (89), sharp shooting (81), and solid passing (81) numbers. Mahrez joined Al Ahli fresh off a treble winning campaign with Manchester City. Even though he is categorized as a CM, his attacking attributes and PlayStyles features make him a good choice for more advanced roles as well.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo- 86

  • Teams: Al Nassr/Portugal
  • Position: ST
  • Pace (PAC): 77
  • Shooting (SHO): 88
  • Passing (PAS): 75
  • Dribbling (DRI): 80
  • Defending (DEF): 34
  • Physicality (PHY): 74

Cristiano Ronaldo is a name which needs no introduction.  The Portuguese superstar made his move to Saudi Arabia after bagging several Ballon d’Ors and lifting the coveted Champions League title quite a few times. The Al-Nassr man still boasts excellent shooting and dribbling stats. He remains one of the five-skill players of the game, which makes him a lucrative EA FC 24 forward to consider.  

2. Neymar- 89

  • Teams: Al Hilal/Brazil
  • Position: LW
  • Pace (PAC): 86
  • Shooting (SHO): 83
  • Passing (PAS): 85
  • Dribbling (DRI): 93
  • Defending (DEF): 37
  • Physicality (PHY): 61

Neymar is the second highest-rated left winger in the game. He matches the overall rating of his compatriot Vini Jr., but falls short in pace and physicality. The former Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain ace, however, has higher dribbling and passing rating. He is another five star skilled player, who can dance past a crowd of defenders without breaking a sweat. Neymar remains a game-changing presence in the attacking midfield, creating moments of brilliance and unlocking tough defenses.

  1. Karim Benzema- 90
  • Teams: Al Ittihad/France
  • Position: CF
  • Pace (PAC): 79
  • Shooting (SHO): 88
  • Passing (PAS): 83
  • Dribbling (DRI): 87
  • Defending (DEF): 39
  • Physicality (PHY): 78

On paper, Karim Benzema is approaching the swan song of his career. On the pitch, however, the Frenchman has aged like fine wine. He left Real Madrid as the European giants’ best forward and now he is terrorizing the Saudi Pro League defenders with his menacing shooting, passing, dribbling abilities. Rated 90, Benzema is an excellent forward to have in your EA FC 24 squad. 


Top 10 Highest Rated Saudi Pro League Players in EA FC 24
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