Wild Rift Patch 3.5b Notes: Lillia Arrives in Final Update of the Year

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Wild Rift Patch 3.5b Notes: Lillia Arrives in Final Update of the Year

\Wild Rift Patch 3.5b Notes introduce Lillia to the Rift while adjusting a variety of champions and items to wrap up 2022.

Light on balance changes, the last Wild Rift update of 2022 adds a new champion to the Rift. Called Lillia, the Ionian champion is hopes to discover why their dreams no longer reach the ancient Dreaming Tree. “Lillia now travels Ionia with a magical branch in hand, in an effort to find people’s unrealized dreams. Only then she can herself bloom and help others untangle their fears to find the sparkle within.” reads her description at Riot’s official Wild Rift site.

Wild Rift Patch 3.5b Notes Champion Changes


Braum receives a base AD and base Armor nerf to reduce the champ’s dominance across all levels The dev team is ‘trimming his stache’ and lowering some of the champ’s base stats to bring him more in line with other supports.

Base Attack Damage: 58 reduced to 54
Base Armor: 50 nerfed to 46


With more monster damage on Infected Bonesaw, the developer team buffed Dr.Mundo to boost the champion’s jungle potential. A decreased Heart Zapper cooldown ensures that the champion performs well as a jungler.

Infected Bonesaw Damage to monsters cap: 125/200/275/350 increased to  250/350/450/550
Heart Zapper Cooldown: 16/15/14/13s → 13/12/11/10s


To boost Garen’s falling popularity in higher levels of play, the developer team intends to revert the Judgment’s damage nerf and increase the crit multiplier on it so that the players are rewarded more for their skillful plays.

Base damage: 9/12/15/18 changed to 11/14/17/20
Total base damage for all ticks: 72/96/120/144 changed to 88/112/136/160
Outer edge critical multiplier: 125/130/135/140% changed to 135/140/145/150%


While Kassadin can be frustrating to play against, his win rates have been on the lower side. So, we’re lending him a hand, and giving some of his abilities a boost to make sure he doesn’t get lost in the void.

Null Sphere
Base damage: 70/135/200/265 changed to 80/145/210/27
Cooldown: 11/10/9/8s changed to 10/9/8/7s


Kayn gets hit with a blanket of buff o his Darkin Scythe and blade’s reach as the Wild Rift team intends to boost his potential as a ‘Shadow Assasin.” “We feel that ability still feels weaker, especially when compared to Slayher Kayn’s, so we’re hoping the speed up fits Shadow Assassins theme of quick strikes.” read the patch notes post.

The Darkin Scythe
Shadow Assassin bonus damage: 10~38% increased to 14~42%

Blade’s Reach
Shadow Assassin cast time: 0.55s changed to 0.4s

Nunu and Willamp

Healing Ability Power ratio: 60% → 70%

Snowball Barrage
Max snowball Ability Power ratio: 68% changed to 85%

Absolute Zero
Shield Ability Power ratio: 150% changed to 180% PANTHEON


Aegis Assault
Cooldown: 18/16/14/12s changed to 15/14/13/12s

Grand Starfall
Armor penetration percentage: 10/15/20% changed to 10/17.5/25


Rakan receives areduction in move speed when he casts his ultimate while hitting an enemy. The movement speed gained upon striking an opponent has been reduced from 100% to 75%.

The Quickness
Increased Movement speed when hitting an enemy: 100% → 75%


Armor per level: 3.9 changed to 4.5
Health regeneration: 10.5 changed to 12
Shield Attack Damage ratio: 100% changed to 90%

Wild Rift Patch 3.5b Notes Gameplay and ARAM Changes

Rune Updates

Domination Giant Slayer
“Giant Slayer has been coming online too quickly but it’s hard to see and appreciate its power when it is finally activated and online.” read the patch notes post. As a result the deveoper team is deploying slight nerf that “scale back” the condition so it only triggers on champions building durability while increasing the effect.

  • 500 Bonus Health increases additional damage by 10% changed to  700 Bonus Health increases additional damage by 14%

Domination: Sudden Impact
To increase the power of single dashes, Riot’s Wild Rift team is making Sudden Impact more ‘impactful; by increase the Armor and magic resist penetration and its duration.

  • Armor and Magic resistance penetration: 10 increased to 13
  • Duration: 3 seconds increased to 4 seconds

Inspiration: Pathfinder
Pathfinder receives a regeneration mana buff to make the Pathfinder has been a bit weak after release, so we’re buffing the regeneration it grants to make it more noticeable.

  • When out of combat, recover missing health/mana per second: 0.6% → 1%

ARAM Changes


  • Damage received: 0% shifted to -10%


  • Damage dealt: 0% changed to +5%

Damage received: -10% changed to -15%


  • Energy growth per 10 seconds: Minute² + 25 → 3 × (Minute² + 25)
  • Damage dealt: 0% increased to +5%
  • Damage received: 0% shifted to -5%


  • Damage dealt: 0% changed to +5%
  • Damage received: 0% increased to -10%

When Does Wild Rift Patch 3.5b Release?

Players can expect Wild Rift Patch 3.5b to hit live servers across all regions on December 15 at 4 PM Pt. Players should note that Lillia would be available in-game with the patch release, while the rest of the content will be released throughout the update. Fans of League’s mobile port can access the full patch notes post by clicking here.