What We Know About The Microsoft Release Schedule Leaks

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What We Know About The Microsoft Release Schedule Leaks

A list of the unannounced games including sequels and remasters scheduled to be released by Microsoft on Xbox was released via FTC court documents

Microsoft Corporation is one of the biggest American multinational technology-based companies in the world established in 1975 by Bill Gates. Over the years, Microsoft has released a lot of software and hardware products including a line of operating systems (OS) for computers titled “Windows” and the beloved video gaming brand, Xbox. For this reason, they have also been releasing video games on various Xbox consoles, which have 5 versions in total. Being one of the biggest software technological companies on the market, they hold the keys to all of the important information in the gaming world and now, their release schedule has been leaked via FTC court documents. Hence, here is everything we know about the Microsoft release schedule leaks.

Unannounced Games including Fallout 3 Remasters, Oblivion and Dishonored 3 appeared on the Microsoft Release Schedule Leaks

What We Know About The Microsoft Release Schedule Leaks

Credit: Microsoft Official Website

In a recent leak done on 19th September 2023, confidential information regarding Microsoft’s unannounced games on different consoles was leaked. It was leaked on ResetEra, the famous gaming community of forums by the user @Madjoki. The forum post showed a list of announced games including major titles, some remasters, sequels and even DLCs. It also featured one released game which is Starfield and one announced game which is yet to be released, The Elder Scrolls VI which are both by Bethesda Softworks LLC. He linked the source of this Microsoft release schedule leak to a US court PDF, FTC court files to be exact. You can see the post on the gaming forums on ResetEra’s platform by user Madjoki here.

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The post initially went viral when Twitter user @Wario64 posted the Microsoft release schedule leaks to his Twitter account. He shared a picture of the leaked unannounced games on the Twitter post and named some of the games in the caption. Here is the tweet user Wario64 shared on his Twitter account:


As you can see in the pictures of the Microsoft release schedule leaks, there are a lot of unannounced games on the list along with several DLCs. In the list, we can see a third installment in the Dishonored series titled “Dishonored 3.” The game’s name was a shocker because it is there despite reports saying that Bethesda Softworks turned the game down and instead developed Deathloop. We can also see a new game in the Doom series titled “Doom: Year Zero” along with multiple DLCs to its name, suggesting that it is going to be a bigger title. A sequel to Ghostwire: Tokyo can be seen, which seems to have been planned while the first game was in development.

Games that are both original RPG titles from almost 15 years ago by Bethesda Softworks LLC can be seen on the list. They are Oblivion and Fallout 3, which are on the list for future remasters. One thing to be noted is that this release schedule list seems to be from the time before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. This is proven by the fact that this list includes Bethesda’s title Starfield, which was originally supposed to be released in 2021 as stated in the list. Also, Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls VI is on the list release schedule list, which was expected to be released in 2024 but got delayed. This makes us certain that this is from 2018-2019.

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Since most of these games were set to be released in 2024 and then the pandemic hit, we likely won’t be seeing these games being released before 2026 or even later. It is most likely that these releases have now been delayed to be launched a lot later. Some of the game titles might also have been canceled and stored away for future consideration. However, we are still hoping to see these game titles soon or at least be considered for future release because they surely are very interesting. The FTC court PDF file that held the release schedule list has since been deleted, but the damage has already been done and fans are very excited about this alleged list.

Needless to say, this was a very serious and enlightening leak that will have Microsoft’s team on the edge of their seats for a while. Microsoft has a lot of explaining to do since this release schedule list was packed full of amazing titles that would be amazing to have. Hence, make sure to check out all the information regarding the Microsoft release schedule list. Stay tuned for more updates on future game titles and what Microsoft does about this situation, because we will be sure to keep you updated with all news!

What We Know About The Microsoft Release Schedule Leaks
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