Valorant Patch 5.01 Reveals Buffs for Yoru and Phoenix

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Valorant Patch 5.01 Reveals Buffs for Yoru and Phoenix

Valorant Patch 5.01 includes a slew of buffs for Yoru and Phoenix, while including several quality of life changes to KAY/O.

Besides introducing a new ‘Smurf Detection’ System, Riot Games have also included numerous bug fixes and performance updates in 5.01.


Curveball (Q)

  • Flash Max duration increased from 1.1s >>> 1.5s
  • Flash Windup decreased from 0.7s >>> 0.5s

Blaze (C)

  • Phoenix will now equip the weapon earlier if he stops bending his wall

Run it Back (X)

  • Phoenix now spawns at the marker with the number of shields he had when the ability was cast.


Dimensional Drift (X)

  • Increased duration of ultimate
  • Ultimate Duration increased from 10 to 12 seconds
  • Unequip time reduced from 1.2s >>> 0.8 seconds


FRAG/ment (C)

  • Zone diameter reduced from 10m to 8m
  • Damage now applies without requiring a line of sight

NULL/cmd (X)

  • Only allies will now hear the full channel audio of reviving KAY/O, while downed.
  • Enemies will only hear a short audio cue when the revive has started that matches a similar gameplay pattern to playing around ultimate orbs or tapping the bomb.

Riot has also improved collision behavior when walking next to or behind another player. This will heavily reduce the amount of jitteriness experienced when moving close to your allies. The developers have stated that rushing a site as a group or moving out of spawn should feel different and better. Also, Twin Hunters in Spike Rush game mode can now damage destructible walls. Yoru’s Dimensional Drift and Sova’s Shock Bolt have also been fine-tuned and will also perform as intended. Riot has also deployed bug fixes for Fade’s Haunt, and will no longer reveal enemies on the other side of a thin wall.

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Besides including buffs for two agents, Riot Games have introduced a new smurf detection system in matchmaking. The newest addition to the smurf detection systems is designed to ensure that new players (that means all new accounts) are matched up with players of the correct skill level much faster than before. Riot Games is testing this change in North America first to ensure everything is working correctly before a global rollout. Testing would commence starting the week of July 11, 2022. The full patch notes article can be accessed by clicking here.

Valorant Patch 5.01 is scheduled to hit live servers on Tuesday, July 12.