Valorant Patch 4.03 Reveals New Changes in Deathmatch, AFK Detection and More

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Valorant Patch 4.03 Reveals New Changes in Deathmatch, AFK Detection and More

Everything you need to know about Valorant's latest patch; 4.03.

Valorant is finally receiving the most awaited changes to the Deathmatch mode along with performance endurance and some changes in Brimstone's ULT. These changes will be very crucial and will make the game more appealing to players who like to play Deathmatch mode for warming up before ranked games. The upcoming 4.03 patch will also fix the known bugs in the game such as Chamber's floating Headhunter and Tour de Force. Here are the complete details about Valorant's 4.03 patch update.

Valorant 4.03 patch update

Valorant 4.03 update BRIM ULTThe new 4.03 update will now block the gameplay visibility through Brimstone's ULT.

Agent Changes


  • In the new 4.03 update, Brimstone's ULT will block the gameplay visibility which means that the players won't be able to spot enemies through it.
  • Abilities that require line of sight such as Sova's Recon Blot, Flashes will no longer apply through the ULT.

Mode Updates


Riot has been collecting player feedback for a few months and the main frustration was around the spawning system. Along with that here are the other changes which you will be experiencing in the Deathmatch with the 4.03 update:

  • The respawning time has been reduced from 3s >>> 1.5s
  • The issue with the spawning logic at the warm-up phase has been fixed.
  • With the new update, the spawn logic will favour respawning locations farther from the place you died.
  • The ‘Dangerous' respawning places have been removed and in some cases, it has been relocated and the spawn logic has been improved significantly.
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Social Updates

  • The new AKF detection system has been more improved for the players who exploit the game modes to farm EXP.

Performances Updates

Global Invalidation

Global Invalidation is a UI feature that helps to improve the performance of the UI in the games. It significantly reduces the UI elements to provide better-updated frames. Here are the complete details about the upcoming performance updates:

  • CPU bound players will see a 15% increase in baseline performance.
    • CPU bound players are mainly mid to high spec machines.
    • The data gathered is from the PBE over the two weekends (Jan. 22–23, and Feb. 5–6).
    • It is expected to gain benefit to a large number of the player base, although this might vary for machine performance.

Cosmetic Updates

  • The colour tile used to display spray collections has been updated.
    • Some of the spray colours were too close to the tile colour and were causing difficulty to see properly.

Game System Updates

  • A new option has been added for returning to the strongest weapon.
    • Players can now return to the strongest weapon by pressing the “Equip Last Used Item” key or when a weapon is auto equipped.
    • To toggle on/off this feature go to -Settings >> Controls >> Equipment under “Prioritize Strongest Weapon.”
    • This update was released back in the 4.02 update but was not mentioned on the patch notes.
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Esports Features

  • Projectile follow is now fixed for observer followers
  • Added observer settings toggle to turn Agent portrait on/off



  • The Chamber's floating Headhunter and Tour de Force have been fixed.
  • Even after the nearsighted debuff inside the Viper's ULT, there was an exploit of line ups that could help to see inside Viper ULT has been fixed.
  • The bug where the Viper's ULT would fail to expand through the doorways has been fixed.


  • While spectating the Spike there was a bug where the performance stats were disappearing that has been fixed.

Known Issues

Esports Features

  • There is a brief flash when swapping into free-cam mode as an observer follower