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Valorant Patch 1.09- Jett & Operator Nerfs for a New Competitive Season


Riot Games has finally rolled out Patch 1.09, finally bringing nerfs to the Operator and Jett.

Competitive Valorant quickly became a sniper’s playground once players figured out how to utilize Jett and the Operator to the fullest. Jett’s toolkit enables snipers to take risky angles without the fear of being punished thanks to Tailwind. Jett’s movement abilities combined with the Operator’s low recovery time between shots made any long sightline a death wish. The days of ballsy Operator shots are not over but will balance the battlefield in a much-needed way.

The Operator had a significant increase in price going up to 5000 from 4500, and now it can’t be drawn and sighted in as quickly.

  • Increased price from 4500 → 5000
  • Decreased scoped movement speed from 76% → 72%
  • Adjusted weapon dead zone from becoming inaccurate at 30% movement speed → 15% (become inaccurate sooner, become accurate later when stopping)
  • Firing-rate reduced from .75 → .6
  • Instant equip time adjusted from 0.3 → 0.5
  • Leg shot damage decreased from 127 → 120

All other weapons got a slight nerf which changes how their accuracy recovers after a player has jumped and begins shooting. More often than not you see this with the Classic’s secondary firing mode, but a few guns like the Stinger and Spectre had little accuracy impact when jumping around.

  • Jump land inaccuracy state changed from gradual → binary
  • Jump land inaccuracy duration increased from .2 → .225
  • Jump land inaccuracy value increased from 5.0 → 7.0 (more inaccurate for .225s after a land)
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In the Agents category of this patch, five agents received updates varying from quality of life changes to full on nerfs. Jett had the most impactful changes of the patch, most of which geared at making Bladestorm less overpowered.


  • The time between consecutive Burst Fire use has increased from 0.33 seconds → 0.45 seconds
  • Daggers thrown in Burst now have a damage falloff that begins at 12 meters and drops steadily to 35 damage at max falloff
  • Headshot multiplier on Burst Fire reduced from 3x → 2x


Viper hasn’t had the greatest track record in Valorant, generally with a lower pick rate than a majority of the other agents. Patch 1.07 brought a few buffs to her toolkit but they were not enough to make her a viable agent in competitive mode. These minor buffs will open up opportunities for Viper to capitalize on her abilities quicker than before.


  • Viper now starts the round at 100 fuel instead of 50

Snake Bite

  • Vulnerable debuff applied from Snake Bite now lingers for 2 seconds after leaving Viper’s acid

Viper’s Pit

  • Move speed doubled while casting
  • Viper now fast equips her weapon after casting, re-equip times vary per gun—but on average will reduce her weapon downtime by .4 seconds



  • Fire rate bonus decreased from 25% → 15%


Stim Beacon

  • Fire rate bonus increased from 10% → 15%
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  • Updated projectile VFX to better represent its hitbox, especially when it is traveling towards your PO

This patch has been a long time coming, bringing changes that the community has been asking about for months. The next stage of competitive Valorant is First Strike, which will be the perfect opportunity to see how each region adjusts to this patch.

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