Valorant: Complexity Completes New Roster

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Valorant: Complexity Completes New Roster

Just before the start of the North-American VCT 2022 Open Qualifiers, Complexity is ready for the challenges ahead.

Three players officially joined Complexity’s Valorant roster, making the North-American organization is ready for the 2022 Season beginning this weekend!

The three players, Peter “Governor” No, Robert “truo” Pham and Tanner “scourge” Kages had already been playing in Complexity for some time, but they were on trial before. The team won some minor tournaments, most notably getting first place on Trovo Titans North America, winning 4500 dollars after they beat Cloud9 Academy.

Scourge is the most experienced of the three, he started playing competitively for Team Serenity in 2020 August. After he joined eUnited, then Pioneers, and now the flex player joins Complexity. Governor played for a few teams as well; he played for EZ5 and OTW Esports back in 2020 and 2021. Then he was a streamer for Built By Gamers until swapping to be the main initiator for the NA squad. Controller player truo is the rookie of the squad, as he only played for Immortals last summer, but he was let go after a month and a half. The three temporary players will now join Michael “abm” Abood and Joel “jcrueL” Cruel to compete in the North-American VCT.

The Open Qualifiers start on January 27. So Complexity was just in time to finish their roster; which is now more than ready to take on the best up and coming teams in NA!