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That’s How They Make Real Money in Esports

SAN DIEGO, CA - SEPTEMBER 29: TwitchCon at San Diego Convention Center on September 29, 2019 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Martin Garcia/ESPAT Media)
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According to a study conducted by Newzoo, esports’ global revenues have been growing at an average of 27 percent every year.

If you haven’t noticed, the cash flow in this industry has been growing rapidly over the years. Prize pools have been growing every year as more sponsors and viewers become attracted.

What was once as a hobby has now become a serious career that pays off well for the few who become fortunate. Ten years ago, playing esports was more about the status and journey than the money. Players could not imagine living a luxurious lifestyle even if they got paid to survive. Earning money for food and rent by playing games all day long was seen as a cool thing.

Avid players in big teams generate loads of cash by learning from the experts, esports advertisement and shifting their attitude from gaming to starting a career. If you’ve never thought of being an esport professional, there are lots of other ways that you can benefit from this growing market. Here are some of the easiest ways players can earn real money online in esports.

1. Stream and host Esport games

One of the most common income sources in Esport is streaming using media channels. There are a lot of people who watch games every single day. The experience as a spectator has been getting better over the years thanks to the rapid advancement of technology.

This is one of the best opportunities to build authority and get something from your Esport media channel. If you can stream and commentate on live games in a professional and entertaining way, you’ll end up building a good source of income from betting companies and businesses that need exposure.

2. Become a social media gaming expert

To become a social media expert and get real money, you need to build an online presence so that you can get people talking about Esport. You can earn a lot of money if you take your time to develop your brand and deliver high-quality content every time.

3. Becoming a successful Esport player

Now that everyone knows that esport players do earn real money, can you be one of the lucky ones? The truth is, it’s not as easy as it sounds. You’ll have to sacrifice your sleep and put in the hours to become a legendary player. If you take your time to discover real money earning games and win one or two games, you might make it to the top. Here are some of the tips that will help you achieve your goals.

4. Invest in gaming companies

If you don’t have the talent to stream and host games or become the go-to person, there are a lot of opportunities for you to play to get real money. You can invest in an esports team and let your money work for you. Becoming an Esport investor does require a substantial amount from your end. However, you can always start small and increase gradually.

5. Know everything about Esport real money gambling

If you have always been interested in knowing more than what most people know about a certain game, now is the time to get to work. If you make it your aim to know everything about players, teams, and events, it can become your new way to earn real money NZ by making esports bets on gambling platforms.

Moreover, people will start consulting with you. With your in-depth knowledge, you can offer advanced live betting services that open up other lucrative ways to play and win based on facts.

6. Specialize in one game

Players who’ve made it to the top have reported that the key was finding one prominent game that they genuinely loved and played it until they overcame all the obstacles and beat all challengers. Subscribing to games on Xbox Live and other similar services will give you the chance to practice with some of the best players around the world. When you train every single day, you’ll eventually become a professional player.

7. Losing is part of winning

When you are training to become an online gamer, you will lose a lot of time. Gamers who have made it to the top have reported that they learned a lot through losing than winning. By studying the tactics used by their opponents and using them, they accumulated knowledge and improved their skills. And this made it easier for them to win more games.

8. Focus on the character and play fairly

To become a top player, you need to join a community and learn to become a team player. This will help you learn to follow the rules, develop a team attitude, and work together with different players. All of these traits are essential in the Esport world.

9. Participate in tournaments

If you want to test your skills and become a professional gamer, you need to participate in tournaments. Tournaments allow you to meet other professional players and figure out what it takes to win and earn money. Now is the time to sign up and see how you’ll perform. There are lots of online tournaments that you can participate freely with your peers.

10. Go for sponsors

When you start playing to make real money online, people will automatically notice you. A good sponsor will make the process easier for you by providing financial help and offering you opportunities that you need to play with the best in the industry. Through word of mouth and networking, players can get the attention of huge sponsors to accelerate their growth and achieve their goals.


There is no fixed amount that players get paid when they participate in Esport. Wages depend on the league and how the team members perform. Worse teams get paid modest wages while the best teams earn beyond the $1 million mark.

To start earning money, all you have to do is to develop your playing skills. You can do this by playing with the experts and learning from them. Once you possess the right skills, you’ll attract sponsors who’ll accelerate your growth further.

Photo by Martin Garcia/ESPAT Media

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