TFT Patch 13.3 Notes: Gadgeteen Reworked, Hero Augments Adjusted

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TFT Patch 13.3 Notes: Gadgeteen Reworked, Hero Augments Adjusted

TFT Patch 13.3 Notes reveal large buffs for the Gadgeteen trait, Hero Augment changes while itling balance adjustments for a variety of champions.

After a cyber-attack that slowed down development, TFT's dev team has finally deployed the planned changes that include a Gadgeteen rework, along with several other champion buffs. Besides including buffs for Fiora, Riot's TFT team also intends to boost Lux's popularity as a two-star unit. Jax's spell damage now also scales with his AP.

TFT Patch 13.3 Notes Trait Changes

  • ADMIN Health threshold variation change: 40% has been changed to 66%
  • Gadgeteen REWORK: Gadgeteens now gain bonus damage and damage reduction for each item equipped to them.
  • NEW Gadgeteen 3: Gadgeteens gain 3% bonus damage and damage reduction per item
  • NEW Gadgeteen 5: Gadgeteens gain 12% bonus damage and damage reduction per item
  • ADJUSTED LaserCorps changed from a 3/6/9 trait to a 3/5/7/9 trait
  • ALWAYS WATCHING: LaserCorps percent chance for Drone to deal magic damage removed. It now always procs.
  • PEW PEW FASTER: LaserCorps internal cooldown on Drones: 0.5 sec has been changed to 0.4 sec
  • LaserCorps Damage: 65/165/200 has been changed to 25/45/80/99
  • LaserCorps number of Drones: 1/1/2 has been changed to 1/1/1/2
  • OxForce units now stay at one health after their OxForce immunity ends
  • Underground changed from a 3/5 trait to a 3/4/5/6
  • Underground Locks cracked per win: 2/3 has been changed to 2/2/3/4
  • Underground Locks cracked per loss: 3/5 has been changed to 3/4/5/7
  • Anima Squad Attack Damage and Ability Power bonus 10/30/55 has been changed to 10/35/60
  • Brawler Health: 20/40/65/99% has been changed to 20/45/70/99%
  • Mascot max Health healing: 1.5/2.75/5.5/10% has been changed to 1.5/3/6/10%

TFT Patch 13.3 Notes Champion Changes

1-Cost Champions

  • Lux Maximum Mana: 0/70 changed to 0/60
  • Lifting the angel out of the Underground for the potential to be a reroll carry. 
  • Kayle Starfire Spellblade Attack Damage ratio: 150% changed to 155%
  • Kayle Starfire Spellblade base damage: 20/30/45 changed to 25/35/50

2-Cost Champions

 Before you exclaim, “Look what they did to my boy Draven,” please note that the damage nerf is about 3 to 4 percent, and the Armor/Magic Resist nerf will result in about 3 to 4 percent less effective Health (a calculation of Health x Armor or Magic Resist x any Damage Reduction).

I don’t really like Fiora. This isn’t a joke, or context, or anything like that. I just don’t really like Fiora, and I needed to tell you because unlike Fiora, I do like you. Will you marry me?

Jinx is a weird champion. We envision her as an item holder for just about anything, so we want to make sure she is good with almost all items equally. By buffing her Mana we allow her to get more out of her AP builds that should help Tacticians stabilize as they hold out for Miss Fortune or a similar carry. 

  • Draven Whirling Death Attack Damage ratio: 135% changed to 130%
  • Draven Whirling Death base Damage: 65/100/150 changed to 60/95/145
  • Draven Armor & Magic Resist: 20 changed to 15
  • Fiora Armor & Magic Resist: 45 changed to 50
  • Jinx max Mana buff: 30/90 changed to 20/80

3-Cost Champions

 Jax needed a weapon, or a buff. It also didn’t make sense that his Adaptive Strikes didn’t scale at all with Ability Power—especially as a spell that does magic damage. So, we’re making AP items a viable weapon for the guy that might just need to get over himself and slam a Rageblade every now and then. 

  • Jax Base Adaptive Strike damage now scales with Ability Power
  • Vel'Koz: Updated the tooltip to include that an enemy cannot be stunned again for 4 seconds after being stunned. This has always been the case, we’re just now adding it to the tooltip for clarity.

4-Cost Champions

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 We’re cleaning up Viego’s Heartbreaker logic to be more intuitive and reliable (and just in time for Valentine’s Day!). With this clean up, we predict Viego will be cleaning up boards much more successfully, so we’ve also shipped a preemptive nerf to keep this Heartbreaker from being the Convergence’s best janitor. 

  • Taliyah Weaver’s Wall explosion damage: 200/300/900 changed to 210/315/945
  • Viego Heartbreaker damage is now centered around the primary target, rather than Viego
  • Viego BUGFIX Heartbreaker should no longer fail to deal damage in certain situations. It can still miss if enemies leave the AoE of the spell.
  • Viego Heartbreaker AoE damage to secondary targets: 130/195/425 changed to 125/185/400

5-Cost Champions

Even with a bug reducing Janna’s damage by 80%, she’s performing exceptionally well. Much of this is due to her strong utility (and sunny disposition), which we’re raining in on in favor of her increased damage. 

  • Janna BUGFIX Twister! fixed a bug where Twister! was doing about 20% of the intended damage as described on the tooltip
  • Janna Twister! Damage (On Tooltip): 100/150/3000 changed to 50/75/1000
  • Janna Twister! actual Damage Done: 20/30/600 changed to 50/75/1000
  • Janna Twister! Stun duration: 1.5/2/3 changed to 1.25/2/10 sec
  • Janna Forecaster (trait) Windy Ability Power/Attack Damage buff: 12/25/150% changed to 10/20/99%
  • Janna Forecaster (trait) Sunny Health shield: 400/600/4000 changed to 400/600/2000

TFT Patch 13.3 Notes Hero Augment Changes

  • Janna’s Rapid Reporting is getting reworked to Category Five which gives the already complex utility and damage champion some simple, yet tangible additional damage in the form of True damage. 
  • Galio – Justice Punch Damage amplification: 75% has been changed to 150%
  • Gangplank – Flaming Ricochet bounce Damage: 90% has been changed to 100%
  • Lux – Lucent Barrier Shield amount: 350 has been changed to 500
  • Renekton – Reign of Anger base Attack Speed: 60% has been changed to 75%
  • Sylas – Kingslayer bonus max Health: 30% has been changed to 25%
  • Talon – Ox-ian Rage base Attack Damage & Ability Power: 12 has been changed to 10
  • Annie – Reflector Shield Damage: 185 has been changed to 200
  • Annie – Reflector Shield Internal Cooldown: 0.2 has been changed to 0.1 sec
  • Fiora Carry Armor & Magic Resist: 175 has been changed to 250
  • Jinx – Get Excited! REWORKED: Now Grants a Jinx. Jinx gains 40% Attack speed and Move speed. This amount is tripled for 7 seconds after she scores a takedown.
  • Lee Sin – Invigorate Attack Speed buff duration: 3 has been changed to 4 sec
  • Malphite – Rock Solid Armor to Ability Power conversion: 100% has been changed to 150%
  • Rell – Hold the Line bonus Ability Power: 70 has been changed to 80
  • Rell – Hold the Line damage reduction: 30% has been changed to 35%
  • Miss Fortune – Make It Rain now grants 10-20 gold based on stage number. It grants 10 on Stage 3, and 20 on any stage 4 or after.
  • Sett – Regenerative Shields now grants a Protector’s Vow instead of Locket of the Iron Solari
  • Janna – Rapid Reporting reworked to Category Five
  • Janna – Category Five: Gain a Janna. Janna gains 50 Ability Power and her ability deals True Damage.
  • Nunu – They See Me Rolling bonus Ability Power: 10 has been changed to 20

TFT Patch 13.3 Notes Augment Changes

Patch 13.3 changes how many Augments grant their XP and Gold as a way to slightly lower power levels and standardize expectations around them. The items granted via Crowns and Souls are also targted with balance adjustments to make the comps feel “more intuitive” while selecting these Augments.

These augments, however, designed to be similar, arent’t performing in the same way. Cluttered Mind and Clear Mind are simultaneously incredibly similar yet wildly different in power. Cluttered Mind has been boosted with buffs to compete with his ‘experience-generating” counterpart. Cluttered Mind would now grant 4 tier 1 champions at random. With this change, Riot’s TFT team hopes to save “the dizziest Augment users some econ by giving them some bench space fodder for free.”

  • Ancient Archives now also gives 2 gold
  • Ancient Archives II now also gives 8 gold
  • Birthday Presents no longer grants gold on level up
  • Brawler Crown now grants a Redemption has been changed to Protector’s Vow
  • Clear Mind now only grants experience at the end of player combat rounds
  • Cluttered Mind now only grants experience at the end of player combat rounds
  • Cluttered Mind now gives 4 random Tier 1 champions
  • Heart Crown now grants a Zz'Rot Portalhas been changed to Guardbreaker
  • Hustler now only grants gold at the beginning of player combat rounds
  • March of Progress now only grants experience at the beginning of player combat rounds
  • Mecha Prime Crown now grants Titan’s Vow has been changed to Bloodthirster
  • Pandora's Items added back into the Augment pool
  • Prankster Crown now grants Edge of Night has been changed to Morellonomicon
  • Recon Crown now grants Zeke’s Herald has been changed to Hand of Justice
  • Spellslinger Crown now grants Jeweled Gauntlet has been changed to Hand of Justice
  • Underground Soul now grants a Zz’Rot portal instead of Hextech Gunblade
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TFT Patch 13.3 Notes Bug Fixes

  1. Janna Twister! Fixed a bug where her spell was doing ~20% of the intended damage as described on the tooltip. This is mentioned earlier in the Large section, but is also here for redundancy purposes.
  2. Samira Flair: Fixed a bug where Samiras spell would sometimes choose illegal targets or not switch targets correctly
  3. Monsters Attack! Pass TEXTFIX: currently the Monsters Attack! Pass says it ends March 14, but actually it’s meant to end March 21
  4. Slow motion: Ekko Attack Speed slow no longer affects units protected from CC with Quicksilver
  5. Fixed a typo in the League of Draven Augment.
  6. Fixed a typo in ADMIN Start of Combat variants
  7. Fixed a typo in Lux’s spell tooltip.
  8. Ezreal Support Augment text no longer says “Grants 0 gold” and was just removed.
  9. Fixed an issue where Jax receiving an AP bonus from the Fiddlesticks augment Absolute Corruption or a Spellweaver emblem caused Jax to stop attacking for the rest of combat.
  10. Omnivamp now applies consistently regardless of the source: Affected sources are Hacker, Siphoning Winds (Yasuo Carry), Partners in Crime (Viego Support), and Celestial Blessing.
  11. Fixed a bug where two of the Golden Egg drops were missing an intended Tactician’s Crown.
  12. Improved the clarity of various tooltips including: Star Guardian, ADMIN, Anima Squad, Prankster, Spellslinger, Sureshot
  13. Fixed a bug where Nunu and Willump’s Hero Augments were labeled incorrectly. Carry is now properly purple, and Support is green.

When Does TFT Patch 13.3 Release?

After cancelling Patch 13.2, Riot Games have scheduled TFT’s Patch 13.3 to release on live servers across regions on Wednesday . This is according to the official patch scheduled release by Riot at the end of last year. After a cyber attack that hindered the usual patch cadence, Riot’s Teamfight Tactics team have been finally able to roll out the planned content slated to release a patch earlier. Fans of Riot’s autobattler can view the rest of the changes by clicking on the official patch notes article here.

With iOS 16 out, Teamfight Tactics will discontinue compatibility with phones using iOS 12 or lower. “Earlier mobile OS versions become increasingly more difficult to support over time” explained the TFT dev team.

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