TFT Patch 13.1C Notes: Patch 13.2 Cancelled as Riot Deploys Balance Adjustments

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TFT Patch 13.1C Notes: Patch 13.2 Cancelled as Riot Deploys Balance Adjustments

TFT Patch 13.1C notes reveal a list of 50 balance adjustments for champions, traits, Augments, and more.

“In the mean-time we didn’t want to leave players with a four-week patch, letting things sit the way they are” stated Riot Developer Mortdog in the Patch Rundown video. Riot’s TFT team had to cancel the upcoming patch after a cyber attack that disrupted the development of League of Legends and few more Riot titles. The changes are although “few” in number compared to the large amount of meta-shifting adjustments earlier planned to release with Patch 13.2. The 13.1 patch cycle is probably one of the rarest updates in TFT history to receive a C patch. Players can,however get a glimpse of the big changes outlined for Patch 13.3 now live on PBE servers here.

TFT Patch 13.1C Notes Trait Changes

However, the to popularize using Aegis for weaker unitts such as Vi, Riot’s TFT team are strengthening the trait even further. With a bump in Magic Resist from 20/35/50/75 to 20/40/60/90, Aegis’s impact as an end game carry trait is going to improve even further. Sureshot receives a slight nerf to the Attack Damage bonus, which in turn intendeds to decrease Samira’s late game dominance using the trait. “We’re happy to be able to get our Sureshot nerf into your hands as we’ve seen 2 Sureshot provide too much value in endgame boards that are able to stall with powerful frontlines that capitalize on the ramping damage of the trait.” stated the TFT dev team.

  • ADMIN on ally death gain Mana: 40 changed to 20
  • ADMIN on ally death chance to drop Gold: 40% changed to 33%
  • Aegis Magic Resist: 20/35/50/75 changed to 20/40/60/90
  • Brawler Health: 20/40/65/90% changed to 20/40/65/99%
  • Duelist Attack Speed per stack: 5/10/16/24 changed to 5/9/15/24
  • LaserCorps Drone Damage: 65/165/200 changed to 60/150/200
  • Mascot max Health Regen per 2 seconds: 1.5/2.5/4.5/10% changed to 1.5/2.75/5.5/10%
  • Spellslinger Ability Power: 25/55/85/125 changed to 25/60/95/140
  • Sureshot Attack Damage bonus: 10/20% changed to 8/20%

1-Cost Champions

  • Lulu’s getting less glitter and more lance. 
  • Ashe Attack Damage: 55 changed to 60
  • Gangplank Trial By Fire Damage: 200/300/450 changed to 210/315/475
  • Lulu Glitterlance Damage: 240/360/540 changed to 260/390/580
  • Wukong Stone Skin Armor & Magic Resist: 50/75/100 changed to 60/70/8

2-Cost Champions

 We attempted to ship this Ezreal buff in 13.1, but he must have blinked away at the last second. But this time we’re buffing him with targeted abilities. They say cats have nine lives, but our Yuumi nerfs in patch 13.1 may have taken all nine. We’re giving Yuumi back some damage, but if you’re feline fear after 12.23 Yuumi, know that her old damage at 3-stars was 600, had even more range, and was greatly enhanced by a since-nerfed Supers. All I’m saying is, this is not a resurrection. 

  • Ezreal Sabotage Damage: 215/320/510 changed to 230/345/535
  • Fiora En Garde! on hit Heal: 30/40/50 changed to 30/40/55
  • Lee Sin Armor & Magic Resist: 45 changed to 50
  • Lee Sin Safeguard Attack Damage ratio: 240/240/250 changed to 275/275/280%
  • Rell Health: 750 changed to 800
  • Yuumi Prowling Projectile Damage: 220/330/510 changed to 230/345/535
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3-Cost Champions

Zoe Trouble Bubble Damage: 375/550/925 changed to 390/585/975

4-Cost Champions

Bel’Veth slaps now come with significantly more squeals of delight. Context only applies to players fielding Bel’Veth. We went back and forth on whether Miss Fortune cast her ability too often, or whether her ability did too much damage. Ultimately, we decided it did too much damage, damage that is made more consistent with her upgraded targeting in patch 13.1. 

  • Aurelion Sol Meteor Shower Damage: 135/200/400 changed to 145/215/435
  • Bel’Veth Endless Banquet Attack Damage ratio: 50/50/150% changed to 75/75/200%
  • Miss Fortune Bullet Time first bullet Damage: 45/65/210 changed to 40/60/180
  • Miss Fortune Bullet Time subsequent bullet Damage: 25/35/105 changed to 20/30/100
  • Samira Flair Base Damage: 100/130/666 >> 80/100/666
  • Samira Flair Attack Damage ratio: 500/525/1500 changed to 480/490/1250
  • Sejuani Health: 950 changed to 1000
  • Sejuani Armor & Magic Resist: 60 changed to 70
  • Sett Mana nerf: 75/150 changed to 80/180
  • Viego Heartbreaker Damage fall off: 18/18/1% changed to 20/20/10%
  • Zed Empowered Kill Mode Sunder (Armor Shred): 15/20/50 changed to 20/30/100

5-Cost Champions

In view of the upcoming Gadgeteen rework in Patch 13.3, Riot has deployed a receives a minor Armor and Magic Resist buff for mildly under-performing champion Nunu. “Despite the 13.1 changes meant to encourage Aphelios’s itemization and use of Infernum (Blue) and Severum (Red) guns, his Gravitum (Purple) gun is still the default choice due to its utility. We’re doubling down on the identity of his guns, and reducing the damage and scaling of Gravitum even more while increasing the scaling of his Infernum gun and the base damage of both Infernum and Severum.”

  • Aphelios Attack Damage: 75 changed to 80
  • Aphelios Gravitum (Purple) Attack Damage ratio: 150/150/1500% changed to 130/130/800%
  • Aphelios Gravitum (Purple) base Damage: 45/75/2000 changed to 45/75/500
  • Aphelios Gravitum (Purple) Stun Duration: 1.5/2/15 changed to 1.25/2/15 sec
  • Aphelios Infernum (Blue) Spell AD%: 225/225/1500% changed to 275/275/1500%
  • Aphelios Infernum (Blue) Spell Base Damage: 45/75/2000 changed to 55/85/2000
  • Aphelios Infernum (Blue) slightly increased the cone radius
  • Aphelios Severum (Red) Spell Base Damage: 45/75/2000 changed to 55/85/2000
  • Nunu & Willump Armor & Magic Resist: 55 changed to 60

TFT Patch 13.1C Notes Hero Augments

Riot Mortdog starts off the Augment Balance changes by including a minor nerf to Cruel Patch heal regeneration. The upcoming nerf will would still allow players Level 6 and 7 with it early, but it would now more effort to sustain health in order to win the game. “We aren’t that cruel though, so instead we’re slowing down the Tactician healing that comes with it, making early power leveling riskier, for longer.” Sivir’s Endless Pizza Augment receives a list of nerfs to prevent the augment from performing too well in the current meta. The list of Hero Augment changes intend to ‘shake up the meta in a healthy way”, allowing room for more options and comps to push through.

  • Cruel Pact Tactician Health regen per turn: 3 changed to 2
  • Ashe – Corps Focus base Attack Speed: 20% changed to 15%
  • Galio – Justice Punch Mana reduction: 50 changed to 70
  • Talon – Ox-ian Rage base Attack Damage & Ability Power: 12 changed to 10
  • Wukong – Re-Energize Mana restore: 60% changed to 50%
  • Sivir – Endless Pizza missing Health heal percentage: 15% changed to 12%
  • Sivir – Endless Pizza time to proc: 7 changed to 8 sec
  • Lee Sin – Cleansing Safeguard missing Health percentage heal: 12% changed to 18%
  • Yasuo – Siphoning Winds Omnivamp: 50% changed to 60%
  • Cho’Gath – Energy Void Magic Resist steal: 60% changed to 70%
  • Jax – Relentless Assault Attack Speed per third attack: 9% changed to 12%
  • Vel'Koz – Frostburn burn bonus damage percent: 200% changed to 300%
  • Miss Fortune – Bunny Mercenary shield Health: 250 changed to 200
  • Syndra – Power Overwhelming bonus AP, AD, MR, and Armor: 70 changed to 80
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TFT Patch 13.3C Notes Item Changes

Riot Games had earlier revealed a massive list of item reworks that removed bonus attack damage and ability power from almost every item within the Set 8 meta. However, the backend item reworks teased in Patch 13.2 PBE didn’t make it to the C patch. We expect to see those massive item changes in the next TFT update, Patch 13.3. The TFT dev team has also revealed that they will continue to deploy further hotfixes whenever required to keep the meta in a balanced spot.

On the other hand, Radiant and Ornn items receive a series of balance adjustments to keep the meta at a ‘manageable and appropriate level.” Manazane receives a mana restore nerf, while the Collector receives an AD nerf. Anima Visage should now regenerate health less, and in turn, heal less. The Sejuani item also receives a a Base Health bump from 150 to 250.

  • Radiant Runaan's Hurricane Attack Speed: 40% changed to 20%
  • Radiant Spear of Shojin Ability Power: 30 changed to 50
  • Radiant Spear of Shojin Mana on 3rd Attack: 30 changed to 40
  • Anima Visage Health: 150 changed to 250
  • Anima Visage max Health regen per sec: 4% changed to 2.5%
  • Deaths Defiance Omnivamp: 20% changed to 25%
  • Dragon Claw max Health regen: 5% changed to 4%
  • Infinity Force now also grants +25 Mana and +25 Critical Strike Chance
  • Manazane Mana restore: 150 changed to 120
  • The Collector Attack Damage: 30% changed to 20%

When does TFT Patch 13.1C Release?

The mid-patch update to Patch 13.1 is scheduled to arrive on Teamfight Tactics’s servers across all regioms on Thursday, January 26. Players can view the complete list of changes by viewing the official patch notes on Riot’s Teamfight Tactics website here. The next massive update in the Set 8 meta will be Patch 13.3, which is slated for a February 8 release.

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