TFT Patch 12.14: Full Notes and Changes

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TFT Patch 12.14: Full Notes and Changes

TFT’s Patch 12.14 reworks Aurelion Sol, and includes Attack Damage changes besides introducing massive adjustments to a variety of champions, traits, and Augments.

This article includes the complete list of balance adjustments, traits and item changes, buffs, nerfs, and several bug fixes shipped with TFT’s latest patch. The Attack Damage changes apply to 58 champions, as they now gain 50% attack damage and 80% health per star level.

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Through a Patch Rundown video on the developer’s YouTube channel, Riot Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer revealed the adjustment-heavy patch shipping to TFT servers on Wednesday.

TFT Patch 12.14 Champion Changes

  • Aurelion Sol Health: 900 buffed to 1000
  • Aurelion Sol max Mana buff: 40/90 changed to 0/60
  • Aurelion Sol Black Hole Damage: 350/475/5000 changed to 400/700/5000
  • Aurelion Sol Black Hole time until increased size and damage: 20 sec reduced to 15 sec
  • Aurelion Sol Black Hole increased damage amplification after 15 sec: 50% reduced to 33%
  • Shyvana Health: 1200 decreased to 1000
  • Shyvana Armor & Magic Resist: 55 increased to 70
  • Shyvana NEW: Flame Breathe deals flat magic damage rather than percent max Health damage
  • Shyvana Flame Breathe Damage: 1200/1800/30000
  • Shyvana NEW: Shyvana is no longer affected by crowd control during her dive bomb
  • Anivia Mana buff: 45/90 reduced to 40/80
  • Nami Ebb and Flow Healing: 275/300/325 changed to 175/200/225
  • Nami Ebb and Flow Damage: 100/150/200 changed to 150/200/250
  • Ao Shin Health: 900 increased to 1000
  • Ao Shin Lightning Rain Damage: 240/400/2500 decreased to 210/400/2500
  • Ao Shin Mana reduction: 20 changed to 10
  • Zoe starting Mana nerf: 50/100 changed to 30/100
  • Zoe Final Spark Damage: 425/650/9001 decreased to 375/575/9001
  • Zoe Daisy Health: 1600/2600/10000 increased 1600/2800/25000

TFT Patch 12.14 Trait Changes

  • Cavalier Armor & MR:  40/60/80/100 changed to 35/65/95/125
  • Dragonmancer Base AP: 15/35/60 changed to  18/40/70
  • Guild Base AD Bonus from Talon: 10 reduced to 5
  • Tempest HP Damage: 10/20/30/45% changed to 5/20/35/50% HP
  • Warrior Chance to Proc: 33% changed to 50%
  • Warrior Bonus AD Damage: 120/220/420% reduced to 80/175/325%
  • Mirage (Executioner) Crit Threshold: 25/50/75/100% changed to 50/65/80/100%
  • Mirage (Executioner) Crit Damage: 35/40/45/50% changed to 20/30/40/50%
  • Mirage (Spellsword): 6/9/12/16 changed to 6/10/14/18

TFT Patch 12.14 Item Changes

  • Deathblade AD: 40/60/80 > 35/50/65
  • Luminous Deathblade AD: 60/90/120 nerfed to 50/75/10
  • Morellonomicon Total AP: 30 increased to 50
  • More More-ellonomicon Total AP: 50 increased to 80
  • Thieves Gloves: Odds of getting better item combos at Level 6 and higher are buffed
  • Anima Visage: The item is no longer unique
  • Infinity Force: The item is no longer unique
  • Randuin's Sanctum: The item is no longer unique

TFT Patch 12.14 Augment Changes

  • Cruel Pact REWORKED: The item now costs 6 HP to buy XP (up from 4 HP), but player restores 3 HP per turn.
  • Devastating Charge Base Damage: 75 changed to 85
  • Gadget Expert Bonus Damage: 40% reduced to 33%
  • Gear Upgrades Base Bonus Increase: 200% increased to 250%
  • Heroic Presence HP Percent Damage: 6% changed to 7%
  • Luden's Echo
    Luden's1 Damage: 60/80/100/120 increased to 40/70/100/130
    Luden's2 Damage: 85/110/135/160 changed to 55/90/125/160
    Luden's3 Damage: 120/160/200/240 changed to 90/140/190/240
  • Ricochet Bounce Damage Reduction: 50% changed to 33%
  • Reckless Spending: Instead of just buffing Shimmerscale champions, the item now buffs Shimmerscale champions and all champions holding Shimmerscale items
  • Damage Amp: 50% reduced to 40%
  • Assassin Crown: Grants a Hand of Justice instead of granting an Infinity Edge
  • Cavalier Crown: Grants a Sunfire Cape instead of granting a Redemption
  • Guardian Crown: Grants a Sunfire Cape instead of granting a Gargoyle Stoneplate
  • Shimmerscale Soul: Revel Crown: Grants no item now
  • Scalescorn Crown: Grants a Hand of Justice instead of Grants a Giant Slayer
  • Shimmerscale Crown: Grants a Volibear instead of granting a Kayn
  • Tempest Crown: Grants a Statikk Shivv instead of granting a Hand of Justice
  • AFK: You can no longer move items while AFK is active
  • Electrocharge I Damage: 60/75/90/105 changed to 50/70/90/110
  • Electrocharge Ill Damage: 115/145/180/220 increased to 115/155/195/235
  • Featherweights Ill Attack & Move Speed: 55 inceased to 60%
  • Jeweled Lotus Crit Chance: 20% increased to 25%
  • Recombobulator: Dragons can now transform into other Dragons only, and non-Dragons will now only transform into other non-Dragons. Tooltip updated to reflect this change.
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TFT Patch 12.14 System Changes

Item Distribution
Krugs (Stage 2-7) now guaranteed to always have at least one item.

Armory Timers
Armories (Tome of Traits, Ornn Items, Radiant Items) now have a timer displayed for players to know how long until the game will choose the item for them.

Double Up
Players with a full bench can now open orbs containing champions sent by Rune of Allegiance if it results in a champion starring up.

TFT Patch 12.14 AD Balance Changes

Attack Damage: 55/99/178 nerfed to 65/98/146
Deathbringer Strike Attack Damage ratio: 300/305/310 increased to 275/305/385%

Attack Damage: 40/72/130 decreased to 40/60/90
Shot Damage: 155/215/285 decreased 175/225/300

Attack Damage: 40/72/130 changed to 40/60/90
Egg Toss Damage: 225/325/450 changed to 225/325/475

Attack Damage: 40/72/130 nerfed to 40/60/90
Inner Flame Damage: 200/275/350 changed to 220/300/380

Attack Damage: 65/117/210 reduced to 75/113/169

Attack Damage: 50/90/162 changed to 55/83/124

Attack Damage: 50/90/162 changed to

Attack Damage: 45/81/146 decreased to 55/83/124
Last Embrace bonus Magic Damage: 300/400/500 buffed to 275/425/600

Attack Damage: 50/90/162 changed to 65/98/146
Knuckle Down Attack Damage ratio: 150% buffed to 170%

Attack Damage: 50/90/162 changed to 55/83/124

Kench Attack Damage: 70/126/226 changed to 80/120/180

Attack Damage: 60/108/194 changed to 70/105/158

Attack Damage: 40/72/130 reduced to 40/60/90
Transfusion Damage: 250/300/350 buffed to 275/325/375

Attack Damage: 45/81/146 changed to 50/75/113
Volley Damage: 90/125/175 changed to 125/175/225

Attack Damage: 40/72/130 changed to 50/75/113

Attack Damage: 40/72/130 changed to 50/75/113
Mega Gnar Attack Damage: 40/70/130 changed to 50/80/150

Attack Damage: 55/99/178 changed to 
Flame Chompers Damage: 300/400/550 changed to 250/400/600
Mana Refund: 10 increased to 25

Attack Damage: 50/90/162 changed to 55/83/124
Blade’s Reach Attack Damage ratio: 250% changed to 275%
Blade’s Reach base bonus Damage: 100/150/225 changed to 90/150/275

Attack Damage: 40/72/130
increased to 40/60/90
Watch Out! Damage: 215/275/350 changed to 190/240/320

Attack Damage: 40/72/130 reduced to

Attack Damage: 45/81/146 changed to
Elemental Blade Damage: 200/250/325 changed to 200/275/375

Attack Damage: 50/90/162
changed to 60/90/135

Attack Damage: 60/108/194 changed to 70/105/158

Attack Damage: 50/90/162 changed to 
Explosive Charge Attack Damage ratio: 165/170/175% changed to 140/170/210%

Attack Damage: 45/81/146 changed to
Blast Potion Base Damage: 50/75/100 increased to 40/80/150

Attack Damage: 45/81/146 changed to 55/83/124
Way of the Hunter bonus Magic Damage: 100/150/200 changed to 90/150/225

Attack Damage: 40/72/130 changed ti 40/60/90
Prisatic Storm Damage: 325/450/700 changed to 325/475/750

Attack Damage: 45/81/146 reduced to 50/75/112
Pale Cascade Damage: 80/90/100 increased to 80/90/110

Attack Damage: 50/90/162 increased to 50/75/112
Venemous Bite Damage: 225/275/325 nerfed to 210/260/310

Attack Damage: 50/90/162 changed to 55/83/123

Lee Sin
Attack Damage: 50/90/162 changed to 55/83/124

Attack Damage: 40/72/130 changed to 40/60/90

Attack Damage: 60/108/194 changed to 65/98/146

Attack Damage: 50/90/162 changed to 55/83/124
Recklessness Attack Speed: 40/50/60% changed to 35/50/75%

Attack Damage: 40/72/130 changed to 40/60/90

Attack Damage: 45/81/146 changed to 45/68/101

Attack Damage: 50/90/162 changed to 60/90/135

Attack Damage: 50/90/162 changed to 55/83/124

Attack Damage: 50/90/162 changed to 60/90/135
Relentless Storm 3rd attack bonus Magic Damage: 110/155/215 changed to 110/160/225

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Attack Damage: 70/126/227 changed to 75/113/169
Missile Barrage Attack Damage ratio: 60/60/150% increased to 50/70/200%
Missile Barrage, The Big One Attack Damage ratio: 175/180/250% changed to 160/200/350%

Attack Damage: 20/36/65 decreased to 20/30/45
Windblast wave Damage: 250/375/1800 changed to 300/400/1800

Attack Damage: 50/90/162 changed to 60/90/135

Attack Damage: 80/144/259 changed to 100/150/225

Attack Damage: 50/90/162 changed to 60/90/135

Attack Damage: 60/108/194 changed to60/90/135

Shi Oh Yu
Attack Damage: 75/135/243 changed to 90/135/203
Jade Form Attack Damage ratio: 265/275/1000% changed to 265/290/1000%

Attack Damage: 40/72/130 changed to 40/60/90
Crescendo Damage: 200/300/1000 changed to 250/350/1000

Attack Damage: 110/198/356 changed to 110/165/248
Rampage, charge Attack Damage ratio: 150/150/325% changed to 150/170/450%
Rampage, bite Attack Damage ratio: 500/525/2500% changed to 500/600/3000%

Attack Damage: 60/108/194 changed to 60/90/135
Shadow Assault, initial ring of blades Attack Damage ratio: 75/75/200% increased to 75/100/300%
Shadow Assault base Damage: 125/175/500 increased to 120/200/700

Attack Damage: 70/126/227 reduced to 75/113/169
Feathers FLY! Damage Per Feather: 12/20/40 increased to 12/20/60
Feathers FLY! Feather Pull Attack Damage ratio: 20 reduced to 18%

Ao Shin
Attack Damage: 60/108/194 changed to 60/90/135

Aurelion Sol
Attack Damage: 60/108/194 changed to 60/90/135

Attack Damage: 60/108/194 changed to 60/90/135

Attack Damage: 70/126/227 nerfed to 70/105/158
Death From Below Damage: 325/425/5000 changed to 325/450/5000
Death From Below secondary target Damage: 150/225/5000 changed to 150/250/5000

Attack Damage: 120/216/388 changed to 140/210/315

Attack Damage: 40/72/130 changed to 40/60/90

Attack Damage: 85/153/275 changed to 90/135/203
Sweeping Blade Attack Damage ratio: 160/175/2500 changed to 160/200/3000%

Attack Damage: 45/81/146 changed to 45/68/101

TFT Patch 12.14 Bug Fixes

  • Astral shop odds now get affected by Bard and High-End Shopping
  • Varus would no longer stop attacking when his tendrils spread out of his primary target
  • Manazane and Radiant Blue Buff now work with Ragewing units
  • Summoned units will no longer become invincible when their player owner surrenders mid-combat
  • Cannoneer emblem would no longer cause Swain to stop using his spell, and no longer sometimes replaces Elise, Sy'fen, and Shi Oh Yu spells with the cannon shot
  • Shen dodge VFX now plays at 1
  • Yasuo's 3rd slash would now deal damage to units that are immune to crowd control
  • Fixed most of Corki's spell fizzling. Fixing fizzles is always tricky and Corki has been especially tough, but hopefully, the developers have gotten rid of most of his
    fizzles. If you still see any fizzles, please let the developers know
  • Fixed an issue allowing 3 Trait augments to be offered together
  • Trainers will no longer gain extra Sax under specific circumstances
  • Sy'fen will now cast his Ability while under the effects of Edge of Night and Zhonya's Paradox
  • Mages should now retain the proper amount of Mana with Axiom Arc if they will kill units during their first cast
  • Fixed Radiant Spear of Shojin's Mana gain VFX
  • If Zoe's target dies during first cast and her 2nd Mage cast is Daisy, she now spawns Daisy at her own location instead of not spawning Daisy at all
  • Units will now properly try to star up after Recombobulator begins to transform them
  • Arena lighting will now properly update while traveling between Arenas
  • Successfully Removed the Mana icon in Blue Battery
  • Glamorous Gauntlet (Radiant Jeweled Gauntlet) will now show the bonus AP in yellow text
  • Blue Blessing (Radiant Blue Buff) will now state that it grants 50 starting Mana

TFT fans can view the full patch notes on Riot’s official site by clicking here. Patch 12.14 is scheduled to hit live servers across all regions on Wednesday, July 27.