TFT 13.1 B Patch Nerfs Mecha Prime, Sett and Urgot

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TFT 13.1 B Patch Nerfs Mecha Prime, Sett and Urgot

TFT 13.1 B patch addresses a series of over-powering traits and champions while including bug fixes.

Lead Game Designer on the Rift, Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer revealed the list of changes arriving in the mid-patch update for TFT’s Patch 13.1. The twitter patch notes post contained the description for each of the seven balance changes and bug fixes deployed by Riot’s Teamfight Tactics dev team. With the next update two weeks away, Riot couldn’t wait to deploy nerfs for the dominant champions and the Mecha Prime comp.

The trio of Urgot, Fiddlesticks and Sett end up on Riot’s nerf list while Jax receives a minor buff. The balance patch also fixes the third breakpoint for Prankster trait, and the trait should now heal the intended amount. Besides deploying nerfs for a handful of champions, Riot has also solely targeted the Renegade trait with a slight base damage nerf. After deploying buffs for Mecha Prime trait in Patch 13.1, Riot has reverted the Ability Damage and Ability Power changes back to 60/45 percent.

TFT 13.1 B-Patch Complete List of Changes

Riot has also compensated for the nerfs to Jax in Patch 13.1 by boosting the champion’s Spell damage. With a base damage nerf to the Renegade trait, the TFT team is most likely targeting the slightly overpowered Viego comp. On the other hand, Sett gets his Spell AD nerfed to 280/300/600 percent across all ranks. However, the recent nerfs to Fiddlesticks and Urgot don’t intend to diminish their presence as potent units. All in all, Riot’s TFT team doesn’t want the Set 8 meta to be ruined by   comps over-reliant on a handful of dominant champions.

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Mecha Prime
AD & AP: 70/50% changed to 60/45%

Prankster receives a bug fix. Prankster 3 now heals the intended amount

Base Damage: 40/70% >>> 35/60%

Base Spell Damage: 100/150/250 buffed to 110/165/285

Spell AD%: 300/320/800% nerfed to 280/300/600%

Attack Damage: 80 nerfed to 70
A bugfix has also been deployed for the double Urgot issue.

Spell Damage: 111/166/1000 changed to 100/150/900

The Balance-patch for TFT 13.1 update is slated to arrive on live-servers on Tuesday, January 17 at 5PM ET. The game’s next patch is, however, scheduled to release on Wednesday, January 25. The sizable next update is speculated to rework many existing items and Augments, while also including changes for the magical cat champion Yuumi.

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