TFT 12.14 B-patch nerfs Aurelion Sol, ships Jinx bugfix

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TFT 12.14 B-patch nerfs Aurelion Sol, ships Jinx bugfix

TFT’s 12.14 B-patch patch sharpens the current meta by toning down on the 10-cost champion changes released last week.

Heavy on bug-fixes and nerfs for 10-cost dragon champions Shyvana and Aurelion Sol, the newest balance patch seeks to open up early and late-game options for TFT players. Lead Champion Designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer revealed the notes for the mid-week patch scheduled to hit live servers on Wednesday. With several TFT tournaments on the horizon, including the Jade Cup, Riot’s developer team are working to ensure a stable playable meta ahead of competitive play.

TFT 12.14 B-patch Champion Changes

Aurelion Sol
Spell Damage: 400/700/5000 changed to 375/625/5000
Ascension Timer: 15 increased to 18
Ascended Damage Amp: 33% adjusted to 15%

Bugfix: Ragewing Jinx will no longer receive Rage from her Ability while enraged. She receives the Rage ONLY after the enrage effect ends
Attack Damage: 65 adjusted to 60

Spell Damage: 1200/1800/30000 adjusted to 1050/1650/30000
Mana: 60/130 changed to 70/140

TFT 12.14 B-patch Item Changes

Ability Power: 50 changed to 40
Zz'Rot Portal
Health by Stage: 1500/1800/2100/2500 changed to 1350/1600/1900/2250
Stages 1-2/3/4/5+
Health by Stage (Hyper Roll): 1500/2100/2500 changed to 1350/1900/2250
Stages 1-4/718+

TFT 12.14 B-patch Trait Changes

Bugfix: Players can no longer toggle between Astral tiers during Planning Phase
Astral 9 Orb Item Drop Rate: 75% changed to 45%

Talon AD Bonus: 5 changed to 8
Nosy Base Health: 400 decreased to 225
Nomsy Health per Snack: 20 adjusted to 25

“The goal is to hopefully have a more open early game, and more options in the late game while still keeping the dragons as strong finishers” stated Riot Mortdog on Twitter. Riot’s TFT team revealed their game of making earlier buffed dragons as viable options still. Players should note that the changes may vary upon live server release. The patch also ships bug fixes for Jinx’s Ragewing along with a fix for Astral’s planning phase glitch. TFT's 12.14 B-patch is slated to hit servers at 12 pm PT on Wednesday, August 3.