Stellar Blade Abaddon Boss Fight Guide

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Stellar Blade Abaddon Boss Fight Guide

In Stellar Blade, you will have the chance to face different bosses during your adventure. Since the game has some mechanics reminiscent of soulslike, you may have some difficulties, so for this reason we have decided to give you some tips on how to face the Stellar Blade Abaddon boss.

In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about this boss fight, including how it is made up and what attacks are present in the boss' arsenal. By doing so, you will be ready to face this boss more easily.

Stellar Blade Abaddon Boss Fight Explained

As often happens in games of this genre, in Stellar Blade, the boss fights will be divided into several phases. This against Abaddon is practically the first boss fight you will have to face after about an hour of play. Before telling you how to face this boss in Stellar Blade, we would like to underline that the guide takes into consideration that the game is played on normal difficulty and not story difficulty.

In story mode, in fact, the boss fights will be very simple, as the game itself will advise you with a sort of QTE which keys to press and when. Obviously, in normal difficulty, this enormous help is not present and therefore you will have to be very careful of the boss's attacks and you will have to implement the right strategy.

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Phase 1

The first phase of the battle is obviously the simplest, as well as being the quickest to deal with. In fact, as soon as you have managed to take away a third of the boss's life, the second phase will begin. The attacks during this phase are all very similar to each other and also quite simple to dodge and/or parry if you manage to get the timing right.

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In this first phase of the boss fight, in fact, Abaddon will not have any particular moves in his arsenal to keep an eye on, as they are normal attacks. The thing that can put you in difficulty is that they are very fast and have a wide range. However, with a little attention and studying the positioning of the boss well, you will be able to inflict enough damage to move on to the second phase, the one that can create a few more headaches for you.

As a bonus tip, we recommend unlocking the “Bliss” skill, as it allows you to dodge the enemy's blow and position yourself behind it to counterattack in complete freedom. This is definitely the best strategy to use in any type of fight, whether against mobs or bosses, so don't forget about this possibility.

stellar blade abaddon boss

Phase 2

Once you've damaged the boss enough to take away a third of his health, things will get more difficult. In fact, now, this Stellar Blade boss, in addition to having the same fast and chained attacks that we told you about previously, has a new series of attacks in his arsenal that can put you in difficulty. As if that wasn't enough, these attacks cannot be parried, so you must avoid them at all costs if you don't want to die.

These new attacks, however, will be used by the boss in sequence, making it very easy to memorize his pattern. You will understand that this combo of attacks is about to begin because the boss himself will light up yellow. The first attack will be a combo of lightning that will hurl itself onto the ground from the sky and will try to hit you in every way. The second attack is a wave of lightning that you will have to dodge.

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The third attack of this combo is, however, a series of lightning projectiles that will follow you for a short period of time, so you will have to constantly move to avoid them. Finally, the last attack will be a jump charge attack. To avoid this attack, once again, you must try to stay in motion as much as possible; staying in one place is like signing your own death warrant.

Consequently, the most difficult part of this second phase is the fact that parrying these attacks is practically impossible, so you have to be patient and wait for the boss to finish his combo. Once this is done, you will have a window of time to attack the boss. Repeat this strategy a couple of times and you will be able to kill the first Stellar Blade boss.

Stellar Blade Abaddon Boss Fight Guide
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