Starfield Infinite Money Glitch Xbox and PC – How to Do It

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Starfield Infinite Money Glitch Xbox and PC – How to Do It

The Starfield infinite money glitch Xbox and PC is the easiest way to get quick upgrades, this is how you can pull it off.

Starfield has tons of cool upgrades you can make, from the best ships to buying a house in the game. All that costs credits though. There are ways to make money but you’ll have to put the time in to really start racking them up. What if you just want the freedom of being able to purchase the best ships in Starfield and other gear without having to grind for it? There’s a Starfield infinite money glitch Xbox and PC have which could mean you can skip out all of the legwork.

Using glitches in games to progress is always a bit dicey. Some players think it breaks the balance of a game, particularly with something like money which is often finely tuned in-game to make the gameplay cycle rewarding. However, pretty much everyone has probably made use of a cheat or glitch like this at one point or another. Making Starfield one big open sandbox is easy with the money glitch in Starfield. It will take a bit of dexterity to pull off.

What’s fun about the new money glitch in Starfield is how similar it is to an older Skyrim glitch. It’s a nostalgic way to top up your balance for long-time Bethesda fans then.

If you want to grab a bit of quick cash to purchase an upgrade or break the bank by getting as many quick credits as possible, there’s plenty of motivation to try out the glitch to get Starfield infinite money. This is how you can pull it off.

Starfield Infinite Money Glitch Xbox and PC

Starfield infinite money glitch Xbox PC

To use the Starfield Infinite money glitch Xbox and PC has, you’ll need to go through a few specific steps. It isn’t too complicated to pull off but you need the right circumstances set up. To start with, you’ll need to have a heart, amp, and at least five med packs. The boost pack Starfield skill unlocked is necessary too. Then, you’ll need to head over to New Atlantis City. Here it gets a bit complicated. You’ll need to make a journey across some vague terrain to activate everything. The end goal is to get behind the shops in this area by accessing out-of-bounds areas using your boost pack.

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Once there, go to the commercial district. When you get there, you’ll need to head right past a sign towards a ledge that is by a dam. This is where you start off the infinite money glitch in Starfield. Jump down and go over to the edge. To pull off the glitch successfully you’ll need to get to the ground on the opposite side of the dam. You’ll have to boost jump over this gap to get there, which is why that was necessary for pulling off the glitch.

Once there, move run towards the rockier ledge. This is where things get a bit tricky. You’ll then see a white stone building on the left, move past it and hop down to a stone ledge that’s below you. Next, head across the ledge to the very edge, then turn around. From here jump down again, and then boost jump through a crack. This will send you down a steep hill covered in pebbles. From here, walk towards the water.

Once you’re at this point, keep walking forward until you reach a point where your character begins to float. At this stage in the Starfield infinite money glitch Xbox and PC, you’ll need to save.

Getting the Infinite Money Glitch in Starfield

Starfield infinite money glitch Xbox PC

Once at this stage of the glitch, you’ve entered a unique state. The game is going to think that you’re underwater. Allow yourself to float upwards and position between two walls of rocks. Don’t touch them, as this will reset your movement state and you’ll fall down. Keep going forward until you reach a cleft in the wall. This is pretty far into the area. Be careful here too, as you start to take damage once you’re halfway across. This is necessary, which is why you have to bring all those healing supplies earlier. Just make sure you’re healing enough to keep things going. Once you’ve reached the opposite side of the area you can drop in the cleft.

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Now inside this, use the boost jump to get over the ledge. You’re aiming at the building with a rocky wall to its right, the below section of the building. From here, turn right and jump up. You’ll hit an invisible ceiling. Boost jump three times quickly to get through this invisible area. This is all a bit technical but since you’re using a Starfield infinite money glitch that is to be expected.

This will now put you in the backend of New Atlantis Shops. Reach the back of TerraBrew and you’ll find a chest containing the store's entire inventory and all of its credits. You can take whatever you want. The money glitch in Starfield basically relies on robbing these owners blind in this back area.

Starfield infinite money glitch Xbox PC

Starfield Infinite Money Glitch Xbox Resetting

At this stage, you’ve been able to grab quite a few credits, even if it takes a bit of trial and error and quite a bit of time. If you want to do the money glitch in Starfield again, you’ll need to wait 48 in-game hours by waiting in Starfield. After this, talk to the vendor to reset their inventories. Then you can do it all again to once again clear out the store! This is a method for getting infinite money in Starfield which resets pretty frequently. You can use these credits for pretty much anything, spend to your heart’s content afterwards and you can always come back for more.

Getting Infinite Money in Starfield is one way to go. However, players won’t find these extra credits much of a help for story content You’ll still have to make difficult choices in High Price to Pay, and have some decent skill with the weaponry the game has to offer. This method to grab infinite money in Starfield will definitely help things out though.

Starfield Infinite Money Glitch Xbox and PC – How to Do It
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