SMITE: The 5 Best Warriors in Patch 10.1

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SMITE: The 5 Best Warriors in Patch 10.1

Numerous things have changed in the SMITE Year 10 Patch, which means that the whole meta changed — including the Solo lane.

The first patch of SMITE Year 10, 10.1 has been out for a week now, which means that the Year 10 Conquest meta is finally shaping up. Some Gods have risen to popularity as they work great with the new items, or can be impactful in every part of the game. But which are the best Warriors on this SMITE patch?

5. Odin

The Allfather’s popularity was rising after some pros picked him during SPL and the SMITE World Championship, but the new Year has helped him a lot. Odin has always liked tank items, and with Titan Forge Games reworking each hybrid item to either purely offensive or defensive. Breastplate of Valor has also became even more important than before, as Blue Satyrs are easier to invade in the new Solo Lane. The meta has been favourable for the King of Norse Gods as well, as his counters, such as Hercules or Achilles – who can stun him while he’s channelling Gungnir’s Might – have fallen out of favour. Just make sure to don’t pick him into Hades, and get Gladiator’s Shield and an Archdruid’s Fury in you build somewhere after Breastplate.

SMITE Omni Tech Odin

4. Amaterasu

Amaterasu was a fairly popular pick for the Solo lane last year, and she remains to be one of the premier Warriors who can carry a game solo. While the removal of hybrid items have hurt her builds a bit, she still has items which synergise with her very well, such as Golden Blade and Berserker’s Shield. She also got some buffs to her more niche items like Toxic Blade, and got a pretty great new toy with the new Axe of Animosity upgrade for Warrior’s Axe. While Death’s Toll is still a safer option, the bonus Magical Damage to enemies and structures equal to 2.5% of your HP is a great boost lategame, and the stats are nice for it also. In addition, Amaterasu can counter gods like Bellona, Odin, Vamana and Nike, all already pretty popular – or in the case of Odin and Nike, just gaining traction.

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SMITE Cyberpunk Amaterasu


3. Guan Yu

While most of the anti-heal items have received some additional bang for their buck, they haven’t affected the popularity and winrate of the best Warrior of Season 9, Chinese War Hero Guan Yu. This is mainly because Shield of Regrowth getting a rework into Breastplate of Regrowth, which instantly became a staple for Guan Yu. While the item’s new stats are almost the same as the old Shield, the buildpath fits more into Guan Yu’s build, which means that he can just shrug off the rise of Divine Sunderers and Brawler’s Beat Sticks. He also got some reworked items like Caduceus Club, which works even better with his 1, and he hasn’t been nerfed, boasting an impressive 53.59% winrate across all ranks with a 12.42% pickrate, only being second to Odin’s 53.78% – but the Allfather only has a 3.91% pickrate.

SMITE Gladiator Guan Yu

2. Sun Wukong

The first God on our list to really benefit from the changes to Bluestone Pendant – or rather, the Bluestone Brooch changes, Sun Wukong’s winrate has skyrocketed in the last patch. The Monkey King boast an incredible 56% winrate above Silver, 58% in Gold and 59% in Plat, so him being strong seems to be an understatement. Sun Wukong also builds Soul Eater in most of his matches, which means he has incredible kill pressure in the laning phane – and with the new jungle system, Totem and Tower Bastions, you can get huge leads in the early game, which makes it trivial to snowball out of control. With his 3, 72 Transformations, Sun Wukong can easily rotate to the midlane and to the Pyromancer after 10 minutes, making him a threat outside of solo lane as well.

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SMITE Shadow Sun Wukong

1. Shiva

While Shiva is not nearly as popular as Warriors like Guan Yu or Sun Wukong, he has a steadily increasing winrate in higher ranks, getting a victory in more than 63% of matches he’s in above Diamond. The Destroyer was always strong outside of proplay as he can be a menace in the solo lane, utilizing Bluestone like few other Gods. He also received a huge boost with the addition of Manticore Spikes a few months back, but with the Glad Shield – Bluestone Brooch reworks, and with the new Stone of Biding, he can become a CC machine as well as a Damage Dealing nightmare all in the same package. The latest addition of the Hindu Pantheon will be one to look out for in the upcoming Season X of the SMITE Pro League, as well as any match in Year 10.


Of course, the meta is still shifting as players discover new ways to play Titan Forge Games’ Action MOBA. But with these five Warriors you can rarely go wrong in the solo lane. Stay tuned to ESTNN for the best Gods of the other lanes in the Conquest map!