Shadow of the Depth Early Access Release Date Confirmed

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Shadow of the Depth Early Access Release Date Confirmed

We have a Shadow of the Depth Early Access Release Date. Learn everything you need to know about the upcoming roguelike release right here.

After making a splash as part of the Steam Next Fest, Shadow of the Depth developer ChillyRoom has finally announced a release window for early access to their top-down action adventure. And it's sooner than you might expect.

We got all the details surrounding the release, as well as some new info straight from the developer as well as a release date trailer.

Shadow of the Depth Early Access Release Date

It's official, the early access of Shadow of the Depth is expected to launch on April 23, 2024, on Steam for all supported Platforms. As of writing, Steam Deck support isn't confirmed but we expect to find out more about it once we approach the release.

If you want to get a taste of the upcoming title, you can still check out the updated Demo on Steam on the developer's page.

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Image: Chilly Room

About Shadow of Depth

Shadow of Depth is a top-down action adventure developed by Chinese developer ChillyRoom who has been making games since 2015, known for their previous work on titles such as Otherworld Legends and Soul Knight.

The Roguelite is set against beautiful hand-painted visuals that bring its menacing world to light. Five characters, all feature a distinct playstyle must brave an ever-changing labyrinth with over 140 passive abilities to adjust their abilities.

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Combat promises to be an action fest as well. Every character has a variety of primary and ultimate skills at their disposal which offer countless combo paths to the player. Timing is key if you want to get the most out of all five of them, be it dual-daggered Arya or the hunter Phyllis.

We'll have more about Shadow of Depth around the release of its early access right here on ESTNN

Shadow of the Depth Early Access Release Date Confirmed
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