Matt Pryor
Matt Pryor
Matt este absolvent al Universității din New Hampshire. El apreciază toate titlurile de sport, dar se concentrează în primul rând pe Fortnite și Call of Duty. Matt analizează continuu jocul și joacă el însuși jocurile pentru a înțelege mai bine deciziile din joc de cei mai buni jucători din lume.

Fortnite: Marvel Season Generated More Revenue Than Any Other Collaboration

Imaginea promoțională pentru Fortnite's Nexus War, cu eroi minunați, inclusiv Wolverine, Ironman, Storm și Groot
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Court documents reveal Fortnite’s top revenue-generating collaborations.

Since its release in XNUMX, Fortnite Battle Royale has revolutionized gaming forever. Beyond the game’s innovative building mechanics and flashy character outfits, Fortnite developer Epic Games has built an empire and a worldwide phenomenon. The early going proved Fortnite’s pull, where the developers secured unfathomable partnerships with Marvel Comics and the National Football League (NFL), both of which capitalized on the game’s substantial popularity.

The last four years provided ample opportunities for Epic Games to connect with different independent properties (IPs). Today, as the Epic Games vs. Apple antitrust battle raged on, the former released some details about Fortnite’s most financially beneficial crossovers. Some of the results are rather interesting.

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Marvel Crossover tops the list

Although Epic’s legal team did not divulge exact figures, the chart above lists Fortnite’s top IP collaborations by revenue. However, it lists Marvel as Fortnite’s highest-earning collaboration. The two first crossed paths in the lead-up to Avengers: Infinity War in XNUMX.

Two years later, Deadpool became the premiere incentive in Chapter XNUMX - Season XNUMX’s Battle Pass. Epic Games then worked Marvel characters into Chapter XNUMX - Season XNUMX’s story. It’s not clear whether this graphic accounts for all Marvel collaborations or not, but it’s not surprising to see this one atop the list.

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Star Wars Claims the Number Two Spot

Equally unsurprising is Fortnite’s crossover with Star Wars. Like Marvel, Star Wars is one of the hottest and most marketable commodities in the entertainment industry. The first Star Wars connection occurred in Chapter XNUMX - Season XNUMX. Players could acquire a Stormtrooper cosmetic outfit from the Item Shop or by purchasing the Respawn-developed Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order game.

The relationship continued later that season with a live in-game event ahead of Star Wars Episode XI: Rise of Skywalker. That led to more Star Wars cosmetics and usable lightsabers in the game. More recently, Epic Games featured The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda as the main attraction in Chapter XNUMX - Season XNUMX’s Battle Pass. The two parties are supposedly collaborating for Star Wars Day this year.

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All Highest Revenue-Generating Crossovers

Here are all of the top-XNUMX collaborations available in the court document:

  • Marvel
  • Razboiul Stelelor
  • NFL
  • Travis Scott
  • Marshmello
  • DC Comics
  • John Wick
  • Ninja
  • Nike
  • Gâscan

None of the names listed above seem out of place. Epic Games tend not to quit on collaboration and instead re-released them over time. Except for Travis Scott, all properties receive a second shot in Fortnite’s Item Shop. Travis Scott may move to number two or three on the list when Epic inevitably brings his collection back.

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Thankfully, nothing alarming has come out of the Epic Games vs. Apple legal war thus far. On the contrary, many of the documents have provided insight into just how powerful Fortnite has become.

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