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Riot Rolls Out Valorant Patch 1.11 Fixes and New Agent Skye

Valorant icebox Skye Patch 1.11

Valorant’s buggy 1.11 patch launched on Oct. 30 has received a stability patch after being rolled back by Riot temporarily.

Patch 1.11 brought numerous stability changes and the addition of Skye, a fresh agent to shake up the meta. It didn’t just introduce a new agent but also a bevy of technical issues that plagued just about everyone. At the time, Nerd St. Gamer’s First Strike Open Tournament was taking place, and Riot didn’t want to risk affecting the competitive integrity of their first tournament. The patch was rolled back temporarily, and since then, Riot has solved a majority of the issues. The stable version launched early hours on Nov. 2 and reinstates the 1.11 changes, including Skye and the map Icebox available for competitive play. This week Icebox will be an option going into Nerd St. Gamers’ Closed First Strike Valorant tournament.

Patch 1.11

Patch 1.11 brings an across the board change to how the flash abilities work, specifically for Initiators. Breach’s full flash time has been increased from 1.75 seconds to 2 seconds, making him slightly more viable in opening up objectives. Cypher’s Trapwire and the Spy Camera will now disable and be revealed once the agent dies.

Killjoy got the majority of changes this patch, adding some features that limit the overall power of her tool kit. The Alarmbot and the Turret now require Killjoy to be within 40m of the equipment for it to activate. The cooldowns of her gadgets have been significantly reduced but so has her effective range. The cooldown from the turret was cut in half from 20 seconds to 10 seconds, and the Alarmbot had its cooldown reduced from 20 seconds to 7 seconds. Alarmbot and Nanoswarm are now hidden for longer, requiring the enemy to be within 7m and 3.5m respectively to be detected. Nanoswarm overall does more damage but drains over time instead of 10 hp chunks. There is a bevy of quality of life changes, including the option to play with a left-handed model instead of the standard right-handed models.

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The Riot team has been proactive at making sure that Valorant stays updated. But every now and then a patch will slip through that breaks the game. So far, the patch 1.11 fix has stabilized the game and implemented all of the new features and the latest Agent.

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