Riot Games Reveals Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes TFT Update

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Riot Games Reveals Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes TFT Update

The upcoming TFT set is banishing the shadows with new Radiant items!

In a game update blog post, Riot Games gave us a chance to see upcoming changes soon to hit Teamfight Tactics. The risk-reward based Shadow items will be leaving the game to be replaced by new Radiant items. In addition, there is a new mechanic that will essentially save players when they drop below a certain health threshhold. It seems to be another point of buildup to the clash between Viego and the Sentinels of Light, which is expected to happen fairly soon.

Radiant Items

A new type of items, called Radiant items, are being added to the game. They'll be replacing Shadow items completely. While Shadow items were powerful, they had drawbacks, such as taking damage or dealing reduced damage. Well, Radiant items are similarly powered up but have no drawbacks.

Also, in the same vein, each normal item does have a Radiant variant. Riot gave us a few teasers of Radiant items to show just how crazy they are.

  • Radiant Rabadon's Deathcap: Gives 20 base Ability Power. G
    • Special bonus: Instead of 70 Ability Power, the Radiant version grants 100 Bonus Ability Power (including components)
  • Radiant Quicksilver: Gives 15% Evasion, 20 Magic Resist.
    • Special bonus: Isnterad of simply 12 seconds of CC immunity, the holder gains 30 whole seconds of CC immunity, along with 30% Attack Speed
  • Radiant Banshee's Claw: Gives 15% Evasion and 150 Health
    • Special bonus: The base version gives the holder a shield that blocks the first enemy ability, but the Radiant gives a shield to the holder and all allies, along with 200 Health

Now, its clear to see these items are pretty crazy. Because of this, Riot is only allowing one Radiant item per player, per game. They want these to be defining parts of your composition, and as such will make them feel extremely impactful.

Finally, you'll be able to choose your Radiant item from a Radiant Armory. It will happen at Stage 3-6, so be sure to be ready for that!

Divine Blessings

Another new addition to the game is called Divine Blessings. These are meant to help players mount comebacks when things are looking rough. They're loot orbs that only open when the player drops below 40 HP. With their contents, the tides of battle can change in their favor very quickly. The loot you can grab from these are:

  • Items (components)
  • Gold
  • Consumables
  • Spatula
  • Champions

Of course, the contents are never the same, but are expected to always be of the same value overall. While they might not always be the most useful for certain circumstances, having an extra lifeline can be critical to not ending eighth.

Tome of Emblems

Another exciting new addition coming is the Tome of Emblems. As the name suggests, the Tome of Emblems offers players the ability to choose between four trait emblems to add to your bench. The interesting thing here is that the Tome comes from a loot orb, but takes a spot on your champion bench intitially. So you might have to clean up some units before you can use it if you're a hoarder type.

The Forgotten trait and Shadow Emblems

With the removal of the Shadow items, there is are two big questions to be answered. What will happen to the Forgotten trait? And what will happen to the Emblems that rely on Shadow items or Spatulas?

Well, the first question doesn't have an answer... yet. The post says to wait for more info coming soon.

However, they do have a solution for Shadow component-based Emblems. They'll still be in the game, and will be available through armories and Tomes of Emblems. Along with this, they're adding new Emblems for traits who don't have Emblems right now, so traits like Brawler, Draconic, Invoker and Ranger will be getting them in the next major update.