Signs Point To Red Reserve Keeping Thier CoD Roster (For Now)

Rumors are pointing to the idea that Red Reserve’s CoD team will live on.

Those of you who are fans of the CWL Pro League’s Red Reserve team might have been (justifiably) worried about the team’s future. This is because this past February, news outlets from around the world announced the organization’s supposed demise. Many Call of Duty fans wondered what would happen to their Call of Duty roster, especially.

The Rumor Mill

However, one thing we can say right now is that at least for the upcoming CWL Fort Worth, Red Reserve will still be present. YouTube content creator TacticalRab talked about Red Reserve’s situation in one of his latest videos on the current Rostermania, where he cited a source saying that in the short term (meaning CWL Fort Worth), Red Reserve is likely to stay in Call of Duty. When asked about this development, TacticalRab pointed to Red Reserve’s year-end financial report released in February as published by the Sweden-based financial services company Spotlight.

Spotlight originally published the report in Swedish. We ran the report through Google Translate and the resulting translation was coherent, so we feel comfortable publishing it.

“We will continue to invest in Call of Duty, as Red Reserve has a long history within the game and was founded with this game as a base. With one of the world’s best teams within Call of Duty, we see great opportunities. …our Call of Duty team qualified for the CWL Pro League as one of the world’s 16 best teams. The season has started well and the team is four in the ‘playoff’ place. The next big contest is in Dallas [sic], with prize money of $ 390,000.”

We’re making an educated guess that whoever wrote this report mixed up Dallas with CWL Fort Worth, as these cities are relatively close to one another.

Reading Between the Lines

On another note, “former” Red Reserve player Rhys “Rated” Price seems excited for CWL Fort Worth, even though he has removed all Red Reserve branding from his Twitter.  That is, at least, according to this colorful tweet (Ed. Note: We have edited the tweet for language):

Red Reserve

We’re unsure if Rhys’ tweet is meant to signal that he plans on playing in the tournament or if he’s just excited for the event. Either way, it’s pretty safe to say by now that while the future for Red Reserve remains uncertain, they’ll probably show up at CWL Fort Worth. It may be their last hurrah, or perhaps their Call of Duty team can turn the organization’s fortunes around. Regardless, Red Reserve doesn’t seem to be going down without a fight.