Dota 2 Queen of Pain Guide – Mutilate Enemies with Scream of Pain

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Dota 2 Queen of Pain Guide – Mutilate Enemies with Scream of Pain

You can mutilate multiple enemies using Scream of Pain with Queen of Pain to earn bonus gold in Dota 2. 

Queen of Pain is a thirsty hero out for blood. She can blink in and out battles to baffle her enemies and drain their health. People can choose the Intelligence hero to accomplish a number of milestones in their Dota 2 matches. These feats can be fun to watch unfold on screen while playing Queen of Pain in the massively multiplayer game. 

Queen of Pain – Harass Enemies with Scream of Pain

Queen of Pain nukes enemies in the mid lane

Players can level up Scream of Pain to deal up to 300 damage to enemies around her in lanes. Scream of Pain deals damage to all enemy units in a radius of 550, making it easy to destroy waves of enemy creeps with her moves. She can cast Scream of Pain several times against enemy heroes to harass them in lanes and prevent them from farming gold. 

Scream of Pain has a cooldown of 7 seconds and consumes 130 mana to be used per cast. The mistress of magic can cast Scream of Pain frequently against enemy heroes to nibble away at their health, requiring her foes to retreat to their fountain. 

People can use Scream of Pain while Akasha is surrounded by enemy units to increase the gold per minute (GPM) she earns throughout the game. The decreased cooldown of Scream of Pain lets players harass their enemies with her ability to win team fights.

Queen of Pain – Bottle Runes to Replenish Health and Mana

Queen of Pain stores a rune with a Bottle

Queen of Pain is best suited for the mid lane. The carry hero can level up faster in the mid lane to prepare for team fights early in her matches. Akasha can cast Scream of Pain at a rapid rate with a projectile speed of 1500 to increase the number of last hits she can deliver in her lane. 

Dota 2 players can purchase a Bottle for 675 gold in the game. Queen of Pain can use a Bottle to replenish her health and mana after casting spells like Shadow Strike and Scream of Pain to punish enemy heroes in the mid lane. People can regain charges for a Bottle by storing runes that pop up throughout the
course of a game. 

Picking up runes like Arcane and Regeneration can be lethal to enemy heroes while playing Queen of Pain. Arcane runes can reduce the mana cost of her spells and decrease the cooldown of her abilities, making Queen of Pain dangerous during battles. She can store runes and activate them at any time using a Bottle to gain an advantage in team fights. You can store Regeneration runes in a match to restore health and mana to Queen of Pain after losing a ton of her health in enemy encounters. You can also use charges of a Bottle to replenish the health and mana of your allies to help them survive longer in lanes. 

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Queen of Pain – Turn Her Into a Goddess of Death

Queen of Pain becomes beyond Godlike

Akasha can become a terror to her enemies quite quickly in Dota 2 matches. She can initiate team fights by blinking in to surprise her enemies. Queen of Pain can cast Shadow Strike on enemy heroes to slow them down by 65% for 15 seconds. Enemy units affected by Shadow Strike take a considerable amount of damage from Queen of Pain. She can deal bonus damage to her enemies by striking them with a few physical attacks while they are slowed by Shadow Strike. 

Her ulti, Sonic Wave, deals 550 Pure damage to enemy heroes in a radius of 450. Enemy units hit by Sonic Wave are pushed back by a distance of 350, making it harder to coordinate attacks against Akasha and her teammates. Sonic Wave has a cooldown of 90 seconds and requires 550 mana to be used. You can use her ulti to protect the team against melee heroes in Dota 2 games. 

You can use Blink throughout battles to avoid taking damage from enemy heroes. You can turn Akasha into a goddess of death with a Godlike kill streak by purchasing items like Dagon and Linken’s Sphere for Queen of Pain. She can use Dagon to deal over 800 damage to enemy heroes, dealing death instantly to her enemies with the item after nuking them with Scream of Pain during team fights. 

You can purchase a Linken’s Sphere to block most incoming spells that are cast on Queen of Pain in battles. Linken’s Sphere has a cooldown of 14 seconds, letting her dodge magical spells that can disable her during her fights. Linken’s Sphere can help players engage their enemies without dying. The item can be bought for 4600 gold in the game. Akasha can become Godlike in her games to earn more gold from her kills. 

Queen of Pain – Make Your Blinks Count

Queen of Pain blinks in to silence enemy units

People can roam around the map with Queen of Pain to increase the number of kills she gains in her games. She can escape from enemies using Blink to retain her killing Sprees. Queen of Pain can use Blink to teleport up to a distance of 1300 to evade incoming attacks and spells during team fights. Blink has a cooldown of 6 seconds and requires 60 mana to be used per cast. 

Blink has several upgrades that make the ability crucial to Dota 2 players in their battles. You can buy an Aghanim’s Shard for Queen of Pain to grant her the ability to release a sonic boom at the location she teleports to and the position she blinks from. Queen of Pain deals 125 damage to all enemy units in a radius of 300 and silences enemy heroes for up to 1.8 seconds. The radius of the upgraded Blink can prevent enemy heroes from using their spells against Akasha in battles, giving Queen of Pain and her allies a chance to strike their enemies without taking a significant amount of damage. You can also reduce the cooldown of Blink by 2 seconds at level 25 through the Talent Tree.

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Best Allies for Queen of Pain

Monkey King

Queen of Pain slows enemies to fight them while Monkey King uses Tree Dance

Monkey King is an Agility hero with several abilities that can help Queen of Pain torture her enemies in battles. Allies can hop onto trees using Tree Dance with Monkey King to deal up to 350 damage to nearby enemy units. Any unit hit by Tree Dance has its movement speed slowed by 80% for 3 seconds, letting Queen of Pain strike her enemies with Scream of Pain to deal more damage to them. 

People can stun multiple enemy heroes for 1.6 seconds using Boundless Strike to deal up to 225% critical damage to them. Boundless Strike has a cooldown of 22 seconds and needs 100 mana. Queen of Pain can use her ulti, Sonic Wave, to push enemy heroes inside Wukong’s Command to prevent them from
fleeing team fights. 

Drow Ranger

Queen of Pain hunts for enemy heroes with Drow Ranger

Drow Ranger is a captivating carry hero in Dota 2. She can restrain the movement of her enemies by striking them with Frost Arrows. Enemy units hit by Frost Arrows have their movement speed reduced by 55% and take bonus damage per hit from Drow Ranger. Queen of Pain can cast Shadow Strike to further decrease the movement of enemy heroes. 

Gamers can cast Gust with Drow Ranger to silence all enemy heroes in a radius of 250 for up to 6 seconds. Gust has a cooldown of 13 seconds and requires 70 mana. Queen of Pain can cast several spells while enemy heroes are silenced to increase her kill counts. Akasha can cast Scream of Pain and Sonic Wave to mutilate multiple enemy heroes while partying with Drow Ranger in Dota 2 matches. 

Queen of Pain – Collect Flowers for The Queen

Queen of Pain receives flowers to win the Dead Reckoning

The Dead Reckoning gives players a chance to please Queen of Pain with their skills. People can increase the number of assists and kills they can take to win the Dead Reckoning mini-game in Dota 2 matches. The points earned from the Dead Reckoning can be used to collect flowers for Akasha to make her smile
supremely sadistic.