PUBG Mobile Update 2.4 Brings Martial Showdown Event, Misty Port Map and More

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PUBG Mobile Update 2.4 Brings Martial Showdown Event, Misty Port Map and More

PUBG Mobile Update 2.4 kicks off the new year with a Martial Showdown Event, a new map, firearm and gameplay updates along with a plethora of cosmetics and more.

The first update of 2023 marks the arrival of a collaboration between PUBG and Bruce Lee, bringing a limited timed Martial Art themed event. Krafton Mobile’s collaboration with the late martial arts legend results in the arrival of a list of cosmetics, weapon skins, event outfits and more. The event is slated to start on January 10, just 4 days after the official patch release on January 6.

New Sights and Gameplay

Martial Arts Arena: Many Martial Arts Arenas will appear in the game, half of which will be open to players at all times, and the rest will remain locked. Only at the end of the countdown will the remaining half be made available.

New gameplay - Back For Honor: After getting eliminated and recalled by a teammate, players can initiate a Back For Honor mission. Pursuers can get rewards by eliminating their target within the time limit. If they fail, the targeted player obtains the rewards.

New Vehicles and Items

Besides including a new Chinese lion themed vehicle, the upcoming update also adds two new items along with lantern supply crates that grants the player with opportunities to engage in firefights and further explore the battlefield.

New vehicle - Dancing Lion: A lion dance-themed two-person vehicle. Fast and agile with the ability to jump and dash. It can be stored in the Backpack and used an unlimited number of times. It can only be obtained from the crate in the middle of a Martial Arts Arena.a

New item - Explosive Bow: A weapon suitable for stealthy play. It can fire charged bolts which explode upon impact.

New item - Grappling Hook: A portable grappling hook that can be equipped on the hand. Use it to fire a grappling hook at a target and pull yourself toward it.Blessing Kite and Blessing Lantern: Found in some urban areas and above Martial Arts Arenas. Destroy them to make the Crates they are carrying fall to the ground and obtain the supplies contained within.

Kung Fu Steamed Bun: Piping hot buns fresh out of the steamer. Restores Energy and Health.

Gear Front Updates

New skill - Player Launcher: The new skill enables the player to equip is a grappling gun-esque launching device to launch into the air for high-power traversal.
New skill - Tactical Camouflage: Equip a special Camo Suit for increased speed of climbing over obstacles. These skills will be available through January 15 to March 12, 2023. Erangel and Livik are the supported maps.

Supply Crates can now be purchased in the Black Market. A free Basic Supply Crate can now be purchased within the first 5 minutes of a match, and purchasers will receive a full set of equipment. There are also Advanced Supply Crates that contain air drop-quality equipment.

Supply Scan has been merged with Lucky Backpack. All features of both skills will be available to players who choose Lucky Backpack. Lucky Backpack also no longer increases carrying capacity.

Playzone Analysis has been merged with Vehicle Air Drop. When using Vehicle Air Drop, the player will also passively scan for the next Playzone and the location of the next air drop.

Trace improvements: When activated, users can see the remaining Health of marked targets. Trace will now also mark enemies hit by Grenades and Molotov Cocktails.

Erangel Classic Mode Map Updates

Along with introducing a new map called Misty Port, the newest update also makes few changes to pre-existing maps such as Erangel. With the addition of gliders to help players glide from areas of high altitude , an elevator to the Galata Tower makes up some of major changes in Erangel.

  • Hang Gliders will spawn in some high altitude areas in Erangel. Glide from high areas and make use of updrafts to reach further destinations.
  • Added an elevator to the Galata Tower. Players can take the elevator to move around the tower swiftly.

PUBG Mobile Update 2.4 New Metro Royale Map - Misty Port

The update introduces a new metro royale mode map, called Misty port. The map is 1.8×1.2 km bih, and intends to provide The more supplies and intense battles to players. Ziplines, stairs, and other mechanisms have been added for faster movement, while bosses and dynamic events provide an all-new PVE experience. The match will be available for players starting January 9. A new weapon called Honey Badger. The firearm is available in two variants, Cobra and Steel Front. PUBG fans should note that Misty Port will be available in Basic and Advanced Mode.

  • New Fabled equipment with 1-2 special traits. There is a chance to get Fabled equipment when defeating bosses in matches or opening crates.
  • Added Draw Packs in Metro Royale's Black Market: a Premium Firearms Pack and a Premium Armor Pack that have a chance of giving Fabled equipment. They can be purchased with Metro Cash.
  • Added a Gallery feature in Metro Royale where you can view all special traits.
  • Added 4 new sellable items (Biological Sample, Processor (GPU), Gold Piles, Lens). They will only be spawned on the new map.
  • Increased the resistance of Advanced Vests (Lv. 4, 5, 6) to partially withstand explosive damage.
  • Increased Basic Inventory Capacity by 30.
  • New Weapon: Honey Badger, Honey Badger (Cobra), Honey Badger (Steel Front).
  • Game Lobby Inventory Settings Improvements: Hide Advanced Vests in Metro Royale.

Firearm and Vehicle Updates

Brand New Firearm:The Honey Badger fires 7.62mm rounds and has a relatively high firing rate. Ideal for close-quarters combat.  It can be found in Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik.

QBZ Improvements
Base damage: 41 increased to 42
Reload time
Empty magazine: 3.66s increased to 3.1s
Half-empty magazine: 3.0s increased to 2.5s
Supported maps: Livik and Sanhok

FAMAS Improvements
Bullet spread when moving reduced by 20%
Maximum horizontal recoil is slightly reduced
Reload time:
Empty magazine: 4.6s changed to 3.6s
Half-empty magazine: 2.7s changed to 2.5s

Supported maps: Erangel and Livik

SMG improvements
Weapon switch speed increased by 35%
Bullet spread when moving reduced by 30%

Weapon switch speed increased by 35%
Bullet spread when moving reduced by 20%
Decreased damage drop-off, increased long-range damage

PP-19 Bizon
Weapon switch speed increased by 35%
Bullet spread when moving reduced by 20%
Base damage: 35 changed to 37

New vehicle: A 2-Seat Bike. A passenger can sit on the back seat and use one-handed firearms. (During the Valentine's Day period, the will have a Valentine's Day design. A Valentine's Day effect will be triggered when two players ride the 2-Seat Bike together) Bicycle Sheds now spawn 2-Seat Bikes. They will be available in Erangel, Miramar, and Livik. The rest of the changes in the PUBG Mobile Update 2.4 include improved firearm animations while on a Motorcycle.

General Improvements

  • Classic Map Improvements: When players return to the battleground after respawning, the airplane will display custom finishes.
  • Spectator Card data now reflects the spectated player's current season data for the mode being played.
  • When expanding the mini-map, the route lines become thinner to lower the chance of obscuring information.
  • In Classic mode, players will now randomly get either an UZI, UMP45, or SCAR-L to take into battle after respawning.
  • Added a feature to display statistics on Spawn Island. Excellent performances from the previous match (wins, eliminations, badges) can be displayed to teammates via Quick Chat.

Lucky Teammates

Every week, the in-game system recommends a list of players as “lucky teammates” Players who squad up with Lucky teammates earn additional rating points. The list of lucky teammates refreshes Monday at 00:00 (UTC+0). To earn the points. players have to squad up in Ranked matches playing Classic Mode. Victory Conditions: Players have to finish Ranked Classic Mode matches in the Top 30 in Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar or Vikendi, in the Top 15 in Livik or Karakin, or in the Top 10 in Nusa. The bonus points perk can only be triggered with each lucky teammate once per week.

Shared Portable Closet

Players may share their Portable Closet with their Partners after reaching a certain amount of Synergy. The shared Portable Closet is only available when entering the game with the shared Partner. This is available in both Classic mode and Cheer Park. The shared Portable Closet has a slot and rarity limit for items, as well as a weekly usage limit. In addition, no items will drop after getting eliminated.

In-Match Social Button

Added an in-match Social button. Its size can be customized.
Tapping the button lets you check teammate info, add friends, and give RP Respect in the PUBG Mobile Update 2.4.

Popularity Gifts

  • Quick-sending of Popularity Gifts and the visuals of radio messages have been improved in the PUBG Mobile Update 2.4.
  • Added rewards for Weekly Popularity Ranking and Weekly Clout Ranking. Players who ranked No. 1–3 in the Weekly Popularity and Clout Ranking will receive a premium Team-Up Special Effect, Card Theme, and Mythic Title. Those who ranked No. 4–10 in the Weekly Popularity and Clout Ranking will receive an advanced Team-Up Special Effect, Card Theme, and Mythic Title. Those who ranked No. 11–30 in the Weekly Popularity and Clout Ranking will receive a Card Theme and Legendary Title, and those who ranked No. 31–100 in the Weekly Popularity and Clout Ranking will receive an Epic Title

Social Player Card

  • Added a Social Player Card feature. Players may now set up and display their personalized Player Cards in the PUBG Mobile Update 2.4.
  • Customizable elements: personal tag, voice preference, and preferred weapons and modes.
  • After filling out the Card, players may share them in the in-game chat or the community.


  • Increased the character limit of chat messages in the Lobby Chat channel from 96 to 128.
  • The World Chat now periodically receives official chat security announcements which will be pinned at the top. The messages will contain information about account safety, avoiding pornographic content, and high-risk trades.
  • Players in Lobby chat will also receive the same warning messages after high-risk messages are sent to the chat.

Chat Recruit

  • Chat recruitment has added the feature to filter languages. Recruitment messages of up to 3 different languages can be filtered at once. in the PUBG Mobile Update 2.4.
  • Chat recruitment message notification improvements. Recruitment messages are now sent faster.
  • Chat recruitment Quick Join improvements. Quick Join now prioritizes playing the same map and mode as selected in the Lobby.
  • Team-Up Platform display improvements. The teams list now refreshes more smoothly.

Recall System

The new Recall event adds 2 finishes as rewards that appear as a pop-up window when teaming up which can be redeemed.
The Recall System now directly shows the interaction record with returning players e.g. friend duration, number of team-ups, total points earned etc. Tap to see more detailed information.


  • Improved how the player info page is displayed for those who have switched servers. If a player has data on multiple servers, they can switch servers to check.
  • Added new Card Themes for Player Cards. Players can customize the theme of their Player Cards.
  • Season Review
  • Season Review can now be accessed via the Career Stats page. The access point can be toggled on or off in the settings.
  •  Season Review has been visually overhauled with the addition of Tier points, battle stats, team-up data, and more, as well as new icons.
  • The Share feature has been improved. Players can now share the data on the page or directly share their Season Review with others.
  • Other players can use the shared Season Review to access the other party's Career Results for full detailed statistics.
  • When viewing another player's Season Review, friend requests and Popularity gifts can be sent.
  • Season Review will show the total number of visits as well as the total number of gifts received.
  • Season Review stats are expected to be made available in February. Please stay tuned!

Cheer Park Improvements

  • Quick Draw improvements. The opponent's location can now be viewed on the mini-map. It is now possible to directly exit from a Quick Draw.
    Duel Ring improvements. Footstep sounds now show on the mini-map. Added a scoring and rewards system.

PUBG Mobile Update 2.4 New Season

With 4 new season titles o(Phenom, Almighty, Medic, Summit), the PUBGM developer team have added a ranking points display for Conqueror tier. Every 100 points is a mini-tier, and players can accumulate stars. The rest of the changes included updated badge records through S1-S19. The new season starts from January 10 and will end on March 20, 2023 at 00:00 UTC.
New Legendary rewards: C4S10 Glasses, C4S10 Set, C4S10 Parachute, C4S10 - AUG, C4S10 Mask, and C4S10 Cover.

All Talent Championship

New rewards in the Event Shop: Dazzling Dance Set (Legendary), Dazzling Dance Cover (Legendary), Mysterious Magician Set (Epic), Drifter - Vector (Epic)

List of rewards in the New All-Talent Championship S11 Crate: Dazzling Dance Set (Legendary), Dazzling Dance Cover (Legendary), Mysterious Magician Set (Epic), Drifter - Vector (Epic), Cuddly Croc - UMP45 (Epic), Glorious Sunset Parachute (Epic), Drifter - UZI (Epic)

New first and second runner-up rewards: Will to Win Set (Legendary), Will to Win Cover (Legendary), Drifter - UZI (Epic), Extreme Racing Parachute (Epic), Peculiar Magician Set (Epic)

All-Talent Championship starts from January 27, and will end at March 6.

When Does PUBG Mobile Update 2.4 Release?

PUBG Mobile Update 2.4 is slated for a live server release on Friday, January 6. The full list of bug fixes and performance improvements can be viewed by clicking here. The update will be rolled out gradually for different platforms, which include Android, iOS and Huawei. The cosmetic-filled patch will also be available also include Amazon Appstore and Huawei’s own proprietary OS. Android users can download the official APK by clicking here. The approximate file size of the update is 2.2 GB.

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