PUBG Mobile Aftermath Update – Big Rework to Aftermath

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PUBG Mobile Aftermath Update – Big Rework to Aftermath

A PUBG Mobile Aftermath update is reworking the map and updating it as it returns to the game.

PUBG Mobile Aftermath is one of the more fun sides of the game, an it’s gotten a decent refresh and rework with the PUBG Mobile Aftermath update, and the rest of the PUBG Mobile 2.4 patch that’s been rolling out recently. The update has freshened up the map and given gameplay a bit of an overhaul. It’s a full rework along with restoring the game mode.

There are now new locations on the map, new features, and alterations to the entire balance. This should re-work Aftermath into a much fuller experience for mobile players. The rest of the update has changed around weapons, added some fun new ones, and even a brand-new crossover for the game. This is what’s changed and what’s new with PUBG Mobile Aftermath update and the rest of the game.

PUBG Mobile Aftermath Update

PUBG Mobile Aftermath is a game mode that was a fan favorite, but it got moved out of the game for a rework after some problems with the game. It’s made a return in the recent update, but it’s had alterations to try and improve the title a bit more.

The PUBG Mobile Aftermath Update has revamped the game mode, bringing some fresh life into it. These are all of the changes that have been made in the patch and what they mean for the game.


The modes armor has seen an upgrade. A vest with armor slots will now be available. This will let players get more protection and stop so many early deaths from happening. It brings the game more in line with other areas of PUBG.

Firearm Upgrades

PUBG Mobile Aftermath Update

You can now upgrade your firearms! This can be done from Upgrade Crates.  These are a new type of crate. They don’t drop loot, but they can replace your weapon with a more developed version. This lets you take some of the randomnesses out of the gameplay. You can find weapons you like, and head to Upgrade Crates to get them up higher in their stats.


A new system for health getting changes has been added with the PUBG Mobile Aftermath update. There are brand new type of consumables that are going to give more options for healing and even out gameplay a bit more. You’re going to be able to recover health much quicker with the new items.

There are also new options for retaining energy over time too. First Aid Kits let you recover health, there’s options for restoring gradually and quickly. Energy Drinks will let you have boosted energy replenishing itself over time. You can also heal through Medicine cabinets that are on walls in some buildings. These new options flesh out the healing for this side of the game with the PUBG Mobile Aftermath update.


PUBG Mobile Aftermath Update

One big new feature of the PUBG Mobile Aftermath update is the bunkers on the map. These are filled with high-quality loot, but they’re not just sat around for the taking. There are new guard posts. Each of these are going to make it harder for you to grab the loot.

These bunkers contain plenty of supplies, but also treasure maps. You can follow these treasure maps to find hidden loot-like crates. The bunkers also have semi-trucks that’ll spawn regularly around them. These Bunkers are a fast track to higher-quality loot. Players will have to watch things around here though. There are also Reocn Towers. These will expose your location to other players and make you an easy target.


Aftermath was originally added with the PUBG Mobile 1.8 update. In the time since though, it got disabled as it had some clear problems. Developers have reenabled Aftermath with this new update, hopefully, the new content is enough to keep this game mode interesting for players. It’s definitely going to make Aftermath a bit more exciting, especially as we wait for the new PUBG Mobile 2023 esports to get started.