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Pokemon Unite: Dragonite Is Here Along With Balancing Updates

The Pokemon Dragonite appears in a festive neck ribbon and sant hat

A huge balancing update during the festival season.

Dragonite has finally arrived in Pokemon Unite along with a plethora of changes to the game. While some Pokemon have seen nice buffs, others have got the nerf hammer to balance the matches. There are also some bug fixes to smoothen out the game. Let’s have a look at the major highlights of this update.

Buffs To Pokemon


Slowbro has received some love with buffs to Oblivious, where it gets a stat increase. The ability also helps Slowbro restore HP when hitting other Pokemon. It also decreases the opponent’s Sp. Def for a short time.

Scald will also see good days with a damage increase from 2042 to 2163 and increased effects of the ability on both Slowbro and enemy Pokemon.


One of the recent Pokemon, Decidueye has seen a cooldown reduction to Spirit Shackle from 9s to 7s. Leaf Storm will now deal more damage at a two second lower cooldown. A two second long effect to the ability and long push back is also an addition. An increase in damage of Leafage will also be something to look forward to in the matches.


Both Thundershock and Volt Tackle will see a damage increase. Pikachu’s Unite Move Thunderstorm will have a much higher charge rate, which means it will charge a lot faster than before.


This was an uncalled change. Cinderace was already a dominant character and now it has got more options with strengthened effects on Blaze Kick. The Pokemon will also jump in a specified direction after using Blaze Kick. A two second reduction in Fient’s Cooldown also helps the magnificent attacker.

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Nerfs To Pokemon


The people’s favorite Zeraora has been nerfed. While a reduction in damage of Spark hits him hard, Wild Charge will see a better camera move than before.


Increase in Moonblast cooldown by a second. Damage reduction from 4362 to 3918 on the Psyshock ability and some fixed camera bugs.

Apart from the above changes, there were also tweaks made to Venusaur, Eldergoss and Sylveon. Read the full patch notes here.

The entry of Dragonite means we'll soon update its Held Items and Movesets. Stay tuned to ESTNN for more on Pokemon Unite.

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