Pokemon Unite: 5 Best Pokemon In The Current Patch

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Pokemon Unite: 5 Best Pokemon In The Current Patch

Win more games with these picks.

The recent patch featured a lot of balancing changes to different Pokemon. The update also introduced Dragonite to the game. With so many changes and addition of new characters in the game, the meta has shifted. Whether you are playing a solo game or as a five stack, we have chosen five Pokemon, which will be great in the current meta. These can help you win matches a lot easier than others.


Wigglytuff a Pokémon with a bean-shaped body and stubby arms and legs appears alongside the words "Charm opponents with your song and dazzling gleam!" in white letters with a purple outline

A very team oriented support character, Wigglytuff falls in the S-Tier. Although the Pokemon demands some team coordination, it has a great ability set which helps it disables the enemy team for a long period of time. It has two different builds, one of which focuses on supporting your team and the other one is a damage dealing one.


Lucario, a bipedal, canine-like Pokémon with predominantly blue and black fur, appears next to the words "Channel your aura and remain steadfast before the opposition! " in white letters with purple outline

For some reason, the developers have kept Lucario a broken character which thrives in the S-Tier. You can’t go wrong by picking Lucario into any lineup. That’s how good it is right now. The Pokemon has two builds, one which uses Extreme Speed and the other which has Power-Up Punch. Both of them are great, but it is the Extreme Speed which bothers the enemy more. Lucario packs damage, has mobility and can also dominate in the early game. This one is the ultimate character you can pick in the meta.


Eldegoss, a grass type Pokémon that has a light green head with amber-brownish eyes with darker green triangles above both said eyes. Beside them are the words "Support the team and sow the seeds of victory!" In white letters with a purple outline

Eldegoss qualifies as the best support in the game and this certainly holds true when playing in a coordinated team. Mostly played in a tri-lane, Eldegoss excels in healing and buffing its team with speed. To top things off, it is the only ranged support in the game.


 Cinderace the bipedal, rabbit Pokemon delivers a fly kick, beside them the words "Blaze through the competition and go for the goal" appear in white letters with a purple outline

It was Pikachu or Cinderace, but the latter won. Not only did they buff Cinderace, making Blaze Kick an outrageous spell, but they also reduced the cooldown of Fient. The Pokemon was amazing with the Pyro Ball build, but the new buffs have made it overpowered. Blaze Kick is just too good to ignore now. It deals a decent amount of damage and also lets players choose where they will land after the ability. This makes Cinderace a high mobility attacker, which can also dish tons of damage from a safe range.



The newly added gem. Dragonite is S-Tier and people who disagree with that are playing it wrong. The Pokemon offers a strong early game and destroys with Hyper Beam later on. Hyper Beam is a nutty spell. Dragonite’s Unite Move helps him to be mobile around the whole map. Players can farm, fight and defend using it. It also helps in team fights, as Draco Impact also procs items like Buddy Barrier, which can change the flow of any fight. To think Dragonite can use it two times in a fight is mind-boggling.

Honorable Mentions

Apart from the above mentioned Pokemon, we have few that can also have a massive impact on games and are great in the meta. One of the recent additions, Tsareena, recently buffed Pikachu, Sylveon, Slowbro and Greninja are all decent picks.

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