Pokémon Stadium is Coming to Nintendo Switch Online April 12th

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Pokémon Stadium is Coming to Nintendo Switch Online April 12th

On April 12th, Pokémon Stadium is Coming to Nintendo Switch Online.

For the first time, battle your friends online using the first 150 Pokémon in their 3D debut!

Pokémon Stadium

The Nintendo 64 has some of the best games ever made, so its no wonder Nintendo keeps pumping them out. It makes the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass an actually reasonable subscription considering how much quality contend they keep pouring into it. So finally, we get the first Pokémon Stadium game on a modern console. Not only do we get the single player Stadium and Gym Leader Castle modes, but we now have online play for a Generation 1 Pokémon game! Both battle mode and minigame mode will include online multiplayer of up to four players! We can expect to see lots of Pokémon competitors and streamers putting on events and competitions once the game goes live with its new online.

The one downside is that because of obvious lack of Game Boy support, there is no known way to have anything other than the standard Pokémon provided in the game that you can fill out your teams with. Players would love a way to customize their Generation 1 Pokémon for battle, but as of now there is no way to do so.

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Just like most popular games with popular sequels, its likely only a matter of time until we see Pokémon Stadium 2 hit the N64 app as well. With how long the single player modes in these games can be, Stadium 1 should be able to hold you over until then. If any other modes come to the online, such as a way to customize your Pokémon or some kind of ranked mode/matchmaking, we'll be sure to let you know.

Pokémon Stadium is Coming to Nintendo Switch Online April 12th
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